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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm dying to know

Dearest blog readers dumplings,

I've been trying my best of late to keep La Lamp Shade focused on interior design related issues. Well, aside from my small Obama obsession which I do try to wrap into a decorating discussion.

What I'm wondering is what YOU would like to see more of. More themed posts with pretty pretty pictures? More newsy tidbits of retail happenings and the design industry? A truly daily "Daily Deliciousness?" More snark or less snark? Perhaps design advice, design mini-lessons, design history discussions, or Q&A?

I should give you a quick overview of the design career I allude to every now and then. I've worked in retail and design since my teens and hold a B.S. in Interior Design and a B.A. in Art History. Some of my resume hits include working in a wallpaper store, doing upholstery for two summers in college, working as a showroom consultant in a high-end stone and tile showroom, and most recently I did time (literally) as a visual merchandising manager in a store much like Crate & Barrel back in the States.

From the mid 1990s to 2005, I owned two stores in Indianapolis. The first was an interiors shop where I also offered design services. My clients ran the gamut from owners of small historical bungalows to captains of industry in 10,000-square-foot McMansions. My other store was a contemporary women's clothing boutique featuring the labels you see in Lucky and In Style magazines (hence the "Fashion Passion" tag).

So what will it be, darlings? What would you like Mrs. Obvious to talk about?


Awesome Sara said...

Pretty pictures!! retail info!! more pea!! More snark!!! Less obama!! sorry, love the guy too but all the other blogs are doing him to death and i need a place to go rest my eyes from him. KISSES!!!!

karly / said...

1. Keep the Obama coming, my obsession matches your own, easily, and its great when i can justify it

2. MORE SNARK. not that your usual snark isn't enough, i just want to keep it coming

3. I certainly want to hear so much more about your design career, but I'm imagining lots of design discussions over cocktails once you move here... am I right?

4. Whatever Raina pleases, that's my favorite.

karly / said...

oh, and #5: when we're done being grounded and get full access to our comment identities back

Raina said...

No one's grounded. We just had troll troubles around these parts.

And if you wouldn't mind bombarding the UTA with emails about how fabulous my husband is, that would certainly help our cause.

chiara said...

I actuallt love your blog as it is now... may be I'd like more fashion-related posts?

woodley park-zoo said...

Yes, I really think your blog has such a nice blend of things! Some blogs I procrastinate reading in my blogger because I have to sort out posts I'm interested in and posts I'll skim/ignore, but I'm totally in to what you dish!

Wow, are you going to move to Austin or Texas? Since Karly said you guys would be hanging out... too much fun!

Alicia B Designs said...

LOVE the snark. Too many of our kind of blogs are too sweet. more snark is needed. also, thanks for sharing all that stuff about yourself. What an inspiration since i'm on the road to doing the same thing...already have the BA in art history! You've done so much! but also keep up the gorgeous're so amusing/awesome!
alicia b

Raina said...

WPZ, It's my dearest wish that we end up in Austin when we return in July. My hubby has applied to 15 universities (he teaches engineering), UTA being one of them. We hope to know by April.

David said...

Keep doing what you do and I'm happy, I like the mix and the snark.

I'm rooting for UTA too, I could use a little midwestern company.

susie q said...

Don't go changin’... Perfect as is.

karly / design crisis said...

Should my letter to UTA be sugary sweet and filled with praise, or is something more along the lines of a bomb threat more appropriate?

PS! Thanks for the full comment options, I will make it my personal mission to keep poorly informed anons off your site... also in the form of bomb threats

Designers' Brew said...

Lampshade = perfection.

Oh NerF here BTW. I made the switch.


erin@designcrisis said...

Don't mess with perfection, sweetie darling!

Although, since you do have such an action packed background, maybe a Hints from Heloise type post (on upholstery, small business mgmt, how to hang wallpaper, whatever flips your bic) every now and then could be awesome. Plus, those posts really drive traffic.

Just my two cents.

Oh, and I will totally picket UT if they don't hire Larry Bear. Those people don't want to fuck with an angry pregnant bitch.

Decorina said...

Lampshade is a perfect mix already, but here are my thoughts since you ask:

Snark is always welcome - and you do it so well
Obama obsession is wonderful; I really can't see or hear too much about the prez
Love hearing about your background - and the pea

Don't go changing...


wool&misc said...

love the snark, love the ob(ama)session, love you!

did the mr. apply to arizona state?

Designers' Brew said...

Actually, though, I do have one request: more posts from Mrs. Obvious. I am very fond of her.

hello gorgeous said...

I think you're perf. I am fond of Mrs. Obvious as well.

I have done exactly one HG's Helpful Hints post, intending to make it a regular feature, as Ms. Erin suggested you do. I had one planned for today but I am just Bushed this week.


hugs and kisses all around...

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Oh you had me at ...dumplings (eh -doesnt quite work - but you know what I mean!) I will be taking you however you come & giggling to myself along the way!

Raina said...

Yes, Miss Gracie, the LB has applied to ASU. Is that near you, sweetcakes?

Robin said...

D - All Of The Above.

One of the reasons I love your blog is that in addition to a daily dose of style you have the following: snark, trash talk on NZers, The Pea, fashion, your pop-tart cravings, and The Solid Gold Dancers.

I can see if you wanted to go "all design, all the time" as a kind of online preview of your resume as a designer in prep for the move back to the States, so promise us that if you move the fun stuff to TigerButter you'll let us know.

In the meantime, could you please go scan a pic out of Domino of Kelly Werstler at a vessel sink with some subway tile? Thanks babe.

Raina said...

Robin, girrrrrl, you can't just throw out the Bermuda Triangle of interior design and not expect a rant of epic proportions.


Raina said...

OK, so we definitely have some standouts in the request department:

1. MORE SNARK! Can do. Will do. Love to do.

2. Mrs. Obvious is more popular than I thought. I will convince her to make more appearances.

3. The fashion posts are popular. I was afraid they were a little off topic.

4. I'm not boring you all too terribly with pictures of my child.

5. You're open to some of the other ideas I've been kicking around.

And a note to Karly and Erin - if you could strike that delicate balance between syrupy sweet and threats of firebombing in your lobbying of UTA that would be most awesome.

Raina said...

And a welcome to Chiara. I wondered who my Italian reader was. ;)

hmstrjam said...

more art !! Love all the diverse postings not just interior design although all the pictures are lovely! Love how you post multiple things daily, I'm always curious to know what's next!

nkp said...

You know it was your sugary sweet sense of humor and kindness to all creatures large and small that drew me, like a magnet, to the Lampshade in the first place. Ha, just kidding, I can't get enough of the snarkylicious humor you dish out. That, coupled with the pretty pictures are a daily requirement, like my morning coffee. Please keep it coming....oh and The Pea, of course, the inimitable Pea, I want to see more of her sweet punim!

Cristin said...

More Snark, more Pea, More Obama, and more pretty pictures. That should keep you busy.

Alexis said...

I love it just the way it is! You have a great balance of stuff and I love to visit!