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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oval Office rugs through the years

When the former Presidents gathered for a photo op two weeks ago, both Bill Clinton and President-Elect Barack Obama professed "love" for the Oval Office area rug. Were they just being polite or is it the best of the bunch?

Also, you may notice the frugal Jimmy Carter recycled the Ford administration's rug. Should Obama do the same or would there be too much bad juju hanging around in those wool fibers?

George W. Bush (only two days left!).

Bill Clinton.

George H.W. Bush.

Ronald Reagan.

Jimmy Carter.

Gerald Ford.

Richard Nixon.

Lyndon Johnson.

John F. Kennedy.

[ABC News via The Huffington Post]

Update: You must go check out Eye Spy's response to this post.


susieq said...

I adore your WH obsession -- and join you in it!

No, no, no. Obama absolutely cannot recycle a previously used rug. Must rid that room of all bad spirits! If your artichoke light can hang in the private quarters, then my fantasy is that a fabulous custom Rug Company rug rests on the floor in the oval office. I think I'll do a Photoshop rendition!

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I LOVE this post. It's too funny. I would totally replace the rug as well. Too much bad karma in it I would say. Out with old and in with new!!!!

Raina said...

Hi ya SusieQ and welcome to this deliciousness!

P.S. The change in leadership comes during a slow period in design news.

Robin said...

I'm a fan of W and Reagan's rugs, and in general am a fan of recycling. I think Obama could get away with using W's rug if he had it thoroughly cleaned, then brought in a shaman, a rabbi, an imam, a buddist monk, an exorcist and the pope to each do their thing get rid of all the bad ju-ju.

Those couches gotta go though.

hello gorgeous said...

I think Clinton should've had a lighter colored rug.

Raina said...

Yeah, HG, that dark rug must have been hell for the frequent cleanings. Ahem.

And I agree with you about those sofas, Robin. How great would something more modern and leggy be?

Decorina said...

Really cool post, Raina. You're the best.

only a movie said...

I just read/saw that someone is planning on burning sage somewhere around the White House this weekend to clear the area of negative energy. Ha.

Love this post.

Alexis said...

Obama needs to get his own rug. That Bush rug is nice, but think of the horrible conversations that have taken place on it or near it. It's time for a change of everything! They can donate the Bush rug somewhere.
Like a mental institution or a prison, maybe?

David said...

I say new rug too. I really like Reagan's rug, and yes, I'm horrified by that.

hmstrjam said...

what a great post!

erin@designcrisis said...

Did you actually see Bill CLinton compliment the rug on tv? What a weirdo moment. Awkward!

I am voting for none of the previous iterations. But eyespy has some INSANE new options...

Pam Kersting said...

I love this post! I had no idea those presidents changed the Oval Office rug! I had the pleasure of seeing the Oval Office when Reagan was in the White House. Thank God I didn't visit their when Bill Clinton was in office -- people would have talked! ;-)

Raina said...

I missed seeing the Clinton gaffe, Erin.

And, Pam, how incredible an experience! Lucky duck.

woodley park-zoo said...

I was discussing the rug thing at an inauguration night get-together mini-party, and several people brought up the fact that GW is the one who always talks about the rug. Something about how Laura designed it and he brings it up very very often... maybe that's why it ever became a topic for Clinton to comment on? I do really like the look of the rug, but I imagine a new one could be very interesting!

Raina said...

Good Lord, how weird.

"Heh, whattaya think of this rug here? My good bride, Laura, - I call her 'Loopy' - had it made. Purty, huh?"