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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blue sofas



Office for Word and Image.

Suzy Hoodless Design Consultancy.

Office for Word and Image.


Office for Word and Image.


hmstrjam said...

love the fake rock and arched windows!

go said...

that last photo is the exact color i want to paint my office. any clue how i can go about finding it? can't seem to track it down anywhere!

Raina said...

It's very close to International Klein Blue which Karly and Erin wax poetic about at Design Crisis.

The paint coordinates are here:

Any good paint store should be able to mix it for you.

Kate said...

I love them all. I'd especially love to have a navy blue room too. Maybe one day when I grow up.

sherri said...

I've always lusted after blue sofas.

nkp said...

I love the first one, a gorgeous room.

erin@designcrisis said...

Love the top Domino photo, but you know that Suzy Hoodles picture is my super favorite.

You found "paint coordinates" for IYKB? Your research skills leave me in awe.

go said...

OMGOMG I OWE YOU BIG TIME!! You're the best of the best!