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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fawn Galli, my design crush

In the comments from Monday's five questions post, Hello Gorgeous requested photos of Fawn Galli's work. The feature on Galli's Brooklyn home in the April 2008 issue of Domino (RIP) rocked my world in so many ways.

In this first photo, Galli shows us her sublime grasp of texture. Velvet, metal, leather, hide, sisal, lamé, and fiberglass all frolicking together in the most lovely way. Some people have good color sense and others can perform witchcraft. Galli has the hocus pocus gene. The three different greens (not counting the palm) nearly vibrate, they're so incredible together.

This is Galli's master bedroom and that is hands down the most fabulous bed I have ever seen in all my living days. It's not for everyone, but it most definitely for me (oh, and Galli).

For all of the minimal interior shots I post, deep down I'm really a pattern queen. This photo nearly caused me to have an aneurysm. What's even better is that this is her son's room. Who says little boys can't enjoy pink and butterflies.

These last three photos are from Galli's professional website. They are more spare than her personal residence which speaks volumes about Galli as a designer. She is listening to her clients' wants and needs, but one still recognizes her signature play of textures and her use of pops of color in an otherwise neutral environment.


erin@designcrisis said...

I muuuuch prefer her house to the other spaces. They're fine, but hers is amazing!!! I love the foil wallpaper insets she has and all the abstract art. I love her use of texture. I love the bed. I love her giant deer. I love it all.

hmstrjam said...

i like the prints and that purple rug!

hello gorgeous said...

I love the simpler rooms. I would love to have all white rooms with beautiful trims and fireplaces, practically empty.

Thanks for the shout out or whatever the kids are calling it (I'll need to reference Urban Dictionary).

nkp said...

She is a star! There's that incredible bed and that adorable boys' room. One of my favorite Domino write-ups!