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Friday, February 13, 2009

Pink bedrooms


Living Etc.

Desire to Inspire.

Living Etc.

Living Etc.

Living Etc.


The Pea at 9 months.


nkp said...

I just don't understand how she has made it this far in life without being devoured! She is Pea-licious!

Cristin said...

Loving the pink and the Pea.

hmstrjam said...

lovely! makes me want to lay in bed all day...

erin@designcrisis said...

Some days I love pink. Some days I hate it. Since you added the Pea in the mix, I declare that today shall be a "love it" day.

karly / said...

That pink living etc bed has always spoken to me. heart heart heart

It's so strange to see a wee little pea, I'm only familiar with her current pics. She looks the exact same, just shrunk. You and LB make a damn fine lookin baby.

Kate said...

Agreed, the pea is tops! Do you get people asking whe you're going to have another?..... bet you do.
The only bed I could do would be the penultimate one, possibly because it's more lilac, the others are too pink for me. But there again, I'm someone who loves orange plastic, brown corduroy and subway tiles.
Dont judge me.

Raina said...

Not quite yet, maybe because she's only just two, Kate.

We did have a woman approach us in a restaurant and say,"My God, that is one gorgeous child. You two should really make more!!!"

Because the earth is running short of pretty people or something.

P.S. I actually found a subway tile photo that doesn't make me retch. I'll be posting it soon.