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Friday, February 20, 2009

Universally good kitchen design

Most homes built or remodeled with universal design in mind make me want to jab my eyes out. "Universal design" provides enhanced accessibility for people with disabilities, but often such interiors look clinical and disjointed.

Looking at this French kitchen created for a wheelchair-bound man, the barrier-free nature of its design is not readily apparent. The counters are 4 inches lower than standard height, the oven has one-button cooking, dishwasher drawers provide ease of access, and the stovetop and sink are set in an island shallow enough to swing a wheelchair under. The placement of electrical switches and outlets is similarly accommodating.

And the designer gets mad props for the color scheme.

[The New York Times]


erin@designcrisis said...

I would totally steal that kitchen! In a few more months I may even need a wheelchair to haul this overgrown baby gut around.

karly / said...

Maybe I'll take a baseball bat to Matt's knees so I can have one of these. I'd be willing to trade a walking husband for a new kitchen any day. As long as he can still build things.

karly / said...

daily bed no workey for me either. i hope you both get well soon

nkp said...

This is beautiful. I never would have been the wiser, had you not given background. Someone knew EXACTLY what they were doing!

Kate said...

This is a properly handsome kitchen and I love the colour scheme. Agreed, someone knew exactly what they were doing, its appears considered without being overly 'designed'.