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Friday, February 27, 2009

What is it about European baths?

Côté Maison.

Côté Maison.

Côté Maison.

Desire to Inspire.

Côté Maison.

Desire to Inspire.


hello gorgeous said...

I think American baths try too hard. Like Americans.

nkp said...

Incredible! I love the combo of rustic and modern together and sooooo not cookie-cutter. I think that's the problem with American bathrooms, hi-end or lo-end, really they all still look the same.

Yana said...


hey raina, it's heart boom. I would thank you for posting such lovely bathroom pics, but however, i'm not very happy that my computer keys have drool all over them. thanks a lot.

ok, gotta run, ciao!

[you have no new messages. {{beep}}

erin@designcrisis said...

Hmmm... the galvanized tub may be a bit too Deliverance for me (I did grow up in those there parts) but the others are delish, especially the one from Desire to Inspire. Swoony!