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Friday, March 6, 2009

Cowhide rugs



Desire to Inspire.

Australian House & Garden.

Desire to Inspire.

Côté Maison.


Designers' Brew said...

I will never get tired of these. I think my absolute favorite, though, are the stitched ones. Remodelista actually has a great post today featuring a few good resources for stitched cowhide. My addiction to ANYTHING leather or cowhide is getting a lilbit out of control.

Raina said...

Could you possibly be talking about The Rug Company's "Cowhide Flower?"

Seriously, my favorite rug ever.

Raina said...

I just popped over to there for a looksee - what weird synchronicity. I've heard of that site but had never visited. Good stuff.

Cristin said...


erin@designcrisis said...

I can't do it. I love the irregular shapes, but bristly fur gives me the heebie jeebies.

Meanwhile, what is going on with that chair? You know, the red one. With tits.

Raina said...

Boo-HEES! As The Pea would say.

gracie o said...

love the cow hides!

nkp said...

I love these, I want these, and once the markets are back up, one will be mine!

Back Garage said...

Hatem. Love skeletons, mannequin parts and anatomical posters. Can't deal with splayed carcass as floor decor, and nothing really to do with animal rights. Just... ever since I saw this WWII film with human hides drying in the sun (those crafty Japanese), I can't do it. Sorry, should I have kept that last thought to myself?