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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest blogging at Design Crisis

Today, I am guest blogging over at Design Crisis for the vacationing Karly Hand. Check out my post about designer tree houses!


M said...

Hi Raina,

I want a treehouse!!!!

Hope they are big enough for my felt rock collection ;)

gr. Mel

erin@designcrisis said...

You peeps better get over to our awesome blog and leave Miss Raina all kinds of lovely comments. Otherwise, she may never cover our asses again. And you don't want to see our naked asses.


david john said...

ok, your posting there rocks! i want to move into a tree house immediately. or at least for a long weekend!

when are you gonna come over and be a "guests" on mine! :)

all the best!
los angeles

Raina said...

Just let me know when you need to be away and I'll be happy to fill in, David John.

david john said...

your the best raina!

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Fabulousness - as was to be expected!!