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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sales do a wallet good

This week's roundup of marked-down deliciousness is all about throw pillows - the jewelry of the sofa. Organized from very affordable to "Jeez, that's still salty."

Ikat pillow from Urban Outfitters. Was $36, now $14.99.

DwellStudio Hedgerow pillow from Design Public. Was $90, now $54.

Thomas Paul Indigo Robin pillow from 2modern. Was $100, now $60.

Emma Gardner Cosmopolitan pillow from Unica Home. Was $195, now $136.50.

Etro Mandawa pillow from Auto. Was $331, now $165.


David said...

Good God, even on sale the Etro pillow is just as outrageous as their mens clothing. They made a topcoat a few years back, very fitted, dark charcoal houndstooth, I still pine for it.

I could find a spot for that way fun Thomas Paul pillow.

Jesselyn said...

Oh wise and powerful Raina, can you PLEASE explain to me the appeal of ikat? 'Cause I am just not seeing it. I mean, it must be there, but...I don't know, it escapes me. I can't see it fitting in with...ANYTHING. I don't know. Save me from this ikat confuddlement!

Raina said...

Jess, there are definitely some bad ikats out there. Its close cousin, the flame stitch, usually gets me going. Too many bad wingback chairs from the 1980s have scarred me.

Jesselyn said...

Auuuugh that is sooooo much better and less painful to my brain! I have a shirt with that print, and I thought it was ikat, but then I looked at ikat and was like AW HELLZ NAW

nkp said...

I love that indigo blue Thomas Paul pillow, so crisp and summery. And the Etro pieced creation is swoony, but in this sinking economy both would be a BIG splurge! Lovely round-up.

erin@designcrisis said...

Crap, $50 is a huge splurge for a PILLOW for me. Dude, it's two square pieces of fabric slapped together! As soon as I lean how to sew (cough), it's gonna be on like Donkey Kong. I'm planning to screenprint some random crap on cheap muslin and then sell my poorly stuffed creations for $100 a pop. What do you think?

Raina said...

I think you've just secured Berin's college education.