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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High-end contact paper

Brett Beldock, an interior designer based in New York City, has created wall decals 2.0. Inspired by window signs at Jamba Juice, Beldock wondered why her walls couldn't be festooned with similarly bright imagery.

Beldock's clear acrylic wallpaper features oversized photographs of lace and flowers, although she can custom print any image that catches your fancy (copyright issues aside). "For clients expecting a baby boy, Ms. Beldock took photos of toy trucks sold by a street vendor and made them into wallpaper."

It can be applied over existing wallpaper or paint. The background pattern or color will show through.

The stuff is like Scotch tape and tricky to apply. Beldock recommends the wallpaper be installed by a professional. I would add - a professional who will most likely never return your phone calls once the job is finished.

The wallpaper (wallplastic?) runs $150 a yard and is available through Stark Wallcovering.

[The New York Times]


Sol Kawage said...

there's always market for the tacky. Endless.

nkp said...


w/v= flumm, short for flummoxed, which is how I feel about the flowery tape.

erin@designcrisis said...

Sounds like my idea of hell on earth -- sticky, flowery, walltape. No.

It would be so much cooler to have that clear static cling stuff custom printed. At least you could peel it off when you got sick of it.

pillow mint said...

imagine the refrigerators that will be covered in this stuff!!

Sol Kawage said...

...and that will be then featured on design sponge :D

drollgirl said...

oh my. i could imagine how disastrous it would be for me to apply. i can barely work a tape gun.

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

urgh. This kinda crap is what fills my inbox day after day - stickers for walls, for the kiddies - they will love it. They might, I sure dont.

Designers' Brew said...

i'm disturbed to admit it, but i actually don't hate this idea.

karly / said...

I would consider this to be a special $150 tax on anyone with poor taste or resourcing skills.