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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These make my heart beat fast

Zebra rugs.

Hollywood Regency.
Kelly Wearstler Interior Design.


Vessel sinks.
Apartment Therapy.

Stacked sphere lamps.
Graham & Green UK.

Mirrored furniture.

French chairs with sassy fabric.
Côté Maison.

Words on walls.
Metropolitan Home.

Wall decals.
Urban Outfitters.

Words on wall decals.
Blik Decals.

Country Living.


david john said...

i love that first room! i could move in there, except for maybe one chair.

im not so sure i want words on my walls though... i think i would tire of that phrase tooo quickly...


Raina said...

I'm 22 hours ahead of you, David John, making it April 1st here. ;)

pillow mint said...

I caught on after the second picture!! You are funny!
Happy April Fool's to you!

(I hate words on all things - pillows, jewelry, walls, etc.)


david john said...

raina, you are a crack up! my mom taught me to say only nice things! but i was wondering what you saw in those pears and doilies! :)

but you got to admit, that sofa in the first picture is pretty great!

david john

pillow mint said...

....and i must admit i do like mirrored furniture - if it's done well! :)

nkp said...

Ok, so I love all things animalia ( a word?) and will be glad to take the antlers and zebra off your hands. But since the rest of those goodies make you giddy with glee, they're all yours bloggy friend! ;0)

David said...

I was reading that thinking "and by 'heart-beats-faster' she means 'makes my head explode.'"

Happy April Fools Raina!

*moggit girls said...

Ohmigosh we love you!


Raina said...

It is a good sofa, David John. I love leather sofas that look like the furniture equivalent of old jeans.

karly / said...

Best April Fools Ever. Those words on walls (or posters, or pottery or anything that's not a book, magazine or computer screen, make my eyes bleed)

Robin said...

You forgot the dreaded subway tile and sunburst mirrors! And Orla!

Happy April Fool's my bloggy friend!

Baglady said...

Ah, it's only March 31st here. Damn you!

And I must admit, I thought the words on walls said "follow your bits". Oops.

drollgirl said...

ohmyLORD these are some hot finds. especially that green couch. and the purple lamp. and the antlers!

House of Slappy said...

That's good Blog, Raina. LOL. I must admit you had me going with the first two (dare I say I don't mind zebra rugs and Hollywood glam a la Kelly W. - can we still be friends?) but as soon as I got to the hideous lace vessel sink I knew the title of your blog was New Zealand sarcasm speak for 'Things That Make My Skin Crawl'. And I, too HATE words on walls, especially that 'Stay Calm and Carry On' poster B.S.

PutzFrau said...

I knew right away at the vessel sink. You can't fool me.

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Beautifully done!

sherri said...

I was going to ask you if you had a fever, until I realized you were totally being hilarious. you are awesome.

Awesome Sara said...

i will never be sick of antlers. i don't care, i wish they never go away.

M said...

I spy with my little eye a chrochet craft thingy in the last picture ;)

hello gorgeous said...

You forgot sunburst mirrors!!!!!!!!!!!

This made me laugh.

beyondbeige said...

We've seen al this a million times. Zebra rugs, over, words on walls, over, back in the day (1980-s) crochet? give me a break....

Raina said...

Check the date on the post BeyondBeige. Oh, and welcome.