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Friday, April 24, 2009

What would be in your safe room?

More photos have been released of William T. Georgis' tongue-in-cheek "safe" room at this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

His luxurious turn on life's little necessities made me laugh.

Martinis, Spam, and smokes. Brilliant.

What 5 items could you absolutely not live without when the zombies arrive? Besides the firearms and disco ball.

I'll kick it off. I could survive an invasion of the undead with Reese's cups, baby wipes (the ultimate multi-tasker), lavender, white flannel sheets, and my MacBook Pro.

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David said...

My needs are a bit like yours and Mr. Georgis both. I'll need:

1. my laptop
2. chocolate covered almonds
3. Johnny Walker Black
4. Marlboro Ultra Lights

and then I'm counting as one item

5. a coffee pot/grinder/kona beans/half-and-half

Trixie Jones said...

1. singlets
2. friends DVD's
3. fast internet
4. good water pressure
5. husband

I thought that would be a lot harder!

Sol Kawage said...

wi-fi, chocolate, husband, crossword puzzles, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Paul Pincus said...

back issues of tatler and harper's and queen, a case of toecat muffins ; ), a stash of hash, adult film star chad hunt (i spent a weekend with him in palm springs) and stacks of books by louis auchincloss.

and a toothbrush!

Pam Kersting said...

Let's see - Computer, Wi-Fi, Corona Light + limes, Tennis court, racket, balls & three friends for doubles!

House of Slappy said...

Wow. Assuming the disco ball is a permanent fixture and will already be there, my musts are:

1. a wine cellar and/or wet bar
2. indoor heated pool
3. down comforter
4. a media room comprising of an endless supply of maazines/books/DVS's...yes, that is all one item
5. David Beckham

pillow mint said...

(well it certainly wouldn't contain a painting of the crucifixion.....)
i would need, however:
down comforter
fresh fruit
my doggie

drollgirl said...

ok, your answers are so great!!! i think i would require a lifetime supply of toilet paper (i would not want to live in a world without it), a generator, a computer, chocolate and a costco-sized warehouse full of food.

karly / said...

Let's see, even though, YES I HAVE QUIT SMOKING, if it's the end of the world, fuck it. Item #!: endless supply of marlboro ultra lights & lighter #2: stocked wet bar (that's one thing, right?) #3. Mac (internet isn't extra, is it?) #4. Andrea's media room #5 one of those rolling carpet downhill skiing simulators.

Matt will also be there but I'm not counting him in my 5, it's a given, we're a unit, yo.

I would also like for my panic room to have an underground tunnel connecting me to Erin's panic room so we can come over and look at each other's paint chips, just like we did before the bomb.

Anyone else who would like to tap into our underground system is welcome. Please come Raina!

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

When the zombies hit which could be quite soon - um, swine flu!... I think I will join the zombies. All the end of world movies I have seen, the survivors look so lonely!

Anne (in Reno) said...

I know a couple of these are repeats, but hey, great minds, right?

1. down comforter
2. Dr. Who DVDs (new hot doctor, thanks!)
3. my little lappy so I can keep up on the outside world (I assume there is WiFi at the end of the world, duh)
4. fresh flowers (hey, it's MY fantasy)
5. a fully stocked kitchen, while I'm at it, what good is a stash of gingersnaps unless they're fresh?

Cristin said...

I'm hanging out with you during the invasion... I'll trade the lavender for some Pinot Blanc though...

erin@designcrisis said...

I think I'll take Paul Pincus' list, please. Add pancakes and turkey bacon and I'm set.

Oh, and I definitely need an underground network of peeps to visit because I'm not very good all by myself. Unless you think ratty hair, dirty socks and a mad case of the jitters is a sign of good health.

Raina said...

Seriously. Paul gets a gold star for best answer.

nkp said...

Oh, I don't want to think about this, but wipes would be on my list without question. Once you know the magic of baby wipes, you just can't go back...don't leave home without 'em!

Alexis said...

I'm with you on the Reeses, and I'd also need several cases of Whole Foods Peppermint Lip Balm, Nantucket Nectars Apple Juice, a big ol' TV, and a cozy quilt.