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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Acting like a tourist in our own city

Christchurch is experiencing another gorgeous autumn weekend. The Pea and I decided to take the tram around the city while LB spent a couple of hours at work. During our last three months in New Zealand, we're making a conscious effort to enjoy the sights and activities we initially deemed too tourist-y. Here, one of three vintage trams crosses a bridge over the Avon River that winds through the city center.

Pea consulted the tram schedule and set our itinerary. The full downtown circuit, guided by very knowledgeable conductors, takes about 25 minutes.

We hopped off at Cathedral Square, so named for this building.

Behind the cathedral was a small garden filled with fallen leaves. The Pea frolicked and cavorted.

The Chalice is a monumental sculpture in Cathedral Square that glows neon blue at night.

The Pea begged this snack vendor to open his cart early but to no avail.

A hotel built in the mid-1800s and still in operation. It has a locally famous "guard" dog which you may be able to make out sunning herself on the front porch.

The old provisional Parliament building from the early 1800s. Once the North and South Islands decided to get along, the location of New Zealand's national government was recognized as Auckland. It was later moved to Wellington in 1865.

Regent Street, built in the 1930s, is an odd hybrid of Art Deco and Spanish Colonial styles.

The end of our tour. We jumped off at the Botanical Gardens and waited for LB to pick us up. The Pea tried convince Mama to let her go swimming in the fancy pool (the Peacock Fountain).


Alexis said...

Looks like a lovely day! I am so dorky that I still can't get over the fact that I'm going to bed now in New York, and you are already almost done with tomorrow!


Raina said...

Tomorrow's a good day, Alexis. ;)

House of Slappy said...

Yay! Tourist maximus...just please leave the fanny pack at home (I know you wouldn't dare...)

P.S. If that Chalis were filled with water I would probably get so busted at night trying to swim...I'll say no more now.

g. said...

Would love to say I looked well at the places as well that face, but that Pea is just too cute. She sort of makes herself the star, yes? The photo of her with the itinerary is the best! That fountain looks pretty great, too. What a great day.

only a movie said...

Gorgeous, all of it. Particularly the cute girl.

Also, I had the Flight of the Conchords song stuck in my head as soon as I saw the tram.

David said...

What a fun day! The Pea is so cute it's almost painful!

drollgirl said...

THE PEA IS SO CUTE!!!! and i can't remember where you are moving to, but i hope it is as fabulous as nz.

Pam Kersting said...

This is awesome! I love seeing Christchurch through your (and the Pea's) eyes. Please post more of these as I yearn to learn more about New Zealand!

sherri said...

I'll bet that chalice looks cool at night. The Pea looks cool 24/7. And by cool, I mean adorable.
So I only have three more months to sleep on your couch in NZ? Do you know where you are moving yet???

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

Um - the chalice looks like its adorned with 'special' leaves!

Raina said...

3M - Totally.

DG and Sherri - We have an idea of where we're going, but we're waiting to firm some things up. I hope to be able to let everyone know within a month.

erin@designcrisis said...

My fave picture is the one of Studious Pea. It's a whole new persona to add to the collection of Silly Pea, Furious Pea, Dancing Pea, Birthday Pea, and so on.

I really want a Pea of my own!