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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A denim maker's new furniture collection

Italian denim provocateur Diesel has introduced its "Successful Living" collection, a collaboration with lighting manufacturer Foscarini and furniture maker Moroso. The line was created by Diesel's in-house design team and will be sold through the company's stores, independent furniture and lighting showrooms, and select department stores.

Pieces from the "Nebulus Nine" sectional group (also available in blue denim).
"X-raydio" coffee table. This shall be mine.

"Total Flight Case" low cabinet.

Lamps from the lighting collection.

Still-life screen from the "X-ray" group.


g. said...

Love the sofa and your table.

David said...

Love my Diesels and I'm digging most everything pictured here.

erin@designcrisis said...

Diesel has the best staging and photography. Makes me want all of it!

me melodia said...

That screen took my breath away.
Great post!

nkp said...

Bulb in the cage lamp and glorious screen...I call dibs. Great stuff!

hello gorgeous said...

Like the cabinet but I thought the person still out of the cabinet was part of it at first like the wicked cabinet of the east or something.

That sofa makes me sad. It looks exactly like a blue leather job that my husband had when I first met him.

It's a long-goner(although sadly only buried at his son's house; like father...).

karly / said...

UGH, when I saw the brand name Diesel, i really really wanted to hate this, unfortunately, I kinda totally like all of it, especially the X-Ray table. Damnit

Raina said...

HG - That sofa straddles the fine line of nearly being what I call a puffalump. I'm guessing your hubby's was one.

Karly - I felt exactly that same way when I first read the news.

clorivak said...

woah...those are all incredible. that xray table and screen....gush.