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Monday, May 4, 2009

I heart Tom Colicchio

Last week, The New York Times featured an interview with my chefcrush, Tom Colicchio, and somehow I missed it.

Tidbits gleaned:
1. Tom hates okra and yams for the slime factor.
2. Tom feels "you don’t need to have a Rolls-Royce kitchen to make a great meal," see photo above.
3. Tom's favorite cookbook is Jacques Pépin’s book “La Technique.”
4. Tom plays guitar, see awkwardly Slash-hatted Tom below. Still love him.
5. Tom is a sport fisherman and believes having bananas on a boat is bad luck.
6. Tom loves Fresca soda and his mama's pasta.
7. Tom's wife is Jewish. I did not know it would be possible to love him more.


g. said...

He is yummy. And cooks well, too.

The TownhouseLady said...

He sure is delish. I know you don't HAVE to have a great kitchen but you'd think he'd want something a little better wouldn't you?

Raina said...

It's a rental, TLady. Le Tom says he couldn't afford the space and views he has otherwise.

"Top Chef" judging duties must not pay as well as we thought.

only a movie said...

He's hot. I love Fresca. We would be just fine together.

David said...

SO sexy. Sigh.

hmstrjam said...

cooks and has a '63 Land Rover that's cool

karly / said...

I shall invite him to be chef at our fantasy dinner party where we all dine with Christian Bale, Michael Phelps, and Paul Rudd

sherri said...

Tom rules.

hello gorgeous said...

I like him a lot but not in that way... :-)

I love his kitchen. I dislike everybody thinking if you don't have a flashy kitchen then (fill in the blank).

Most people who have fancy kitchens can't cook worth a shit.

erin@designcrisis said...

He makes watching Top Chef worthwhile, since just looking at Padma gives me the scabies, the rotating judges are blah, and they never pick the right person to win.

But why the hate for okra? It's delicious.

Debi said...

I wonder if he always wants to throw the food in Padma's face because she is so annoying. lol

Cristin said...


nkp said...

I like him even better than before!

I'm with HG on the whole fancy kitchen thing.

w/v= "porks!" hee, hee-did you plan that on purpose, Raina?