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Monday, May 18, 2009

White sofas

Asfour Guzy Architects.

Desire to Inspire.


Australian House & Garden.

Australian House & Garden.

Metropolitan Home.


hello gorgeous said...

For whose lives? Seriously.

White sofas + black dogs = big mess.

erin@designcrisis said...

My cat would have those covered in neon orange puke and gray furballs in no time. Good thing I love her.

I do wish I could have white sofas, though. So pretty!

nkp said...

Not realistic for my home, but pretty to look at. But lets talk about those orange lamps in the LivingETc. shot that I have been lusting for since I first spotted them, swoon!

thehomebound said...

They scare me because I know I would wreck them in the first hour I had them.

Though one time in an apartment we rented while on vacation in Europe I spilled red wine all over the side of their white sofa and about died. Then, I busted out the trusty Tide to Go stick and the wine came out. Still, I am sure I wouldn't be that lucky again.

sherri said...

all that made me sigh. blissfully.

susieq said...

I ache for all white upholstered furniture. But, in my house? No way. Between dogs and children and me and my husband, we've stained and soiled everything in sight! What really drives me nuts is that in magazines, people are always saying "I just throw those white slipcovers in the washer and use bleach." Have you ever washed seat cushion covers or slip covers? They are NEVER EVER the same. I'm not believing them.

karly / said...

I don't think I've ever met a white sofa I didn't like. I'm in total denial over the fur generated by my 3 pets.

nkp said...

I love you susieq. Your last sentence is spot-on. I've always thought the same thing...just throw them in the wash, blah, blah, blah. Bull Shit! ;0)