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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big white kitchen islands

Australian House & Garden.

Pierre-Jean Verger Photography.

Australian House & Garden.

Desire to Inspire.

Australian House & Garden.


Alexis said...

Those are a little massive and stark for me, but I do wish that our kitchen were big enough for an island!

susieq said...

Love the white. I crave a white kitchen. With a huge curved French-influenced venthood. Otherwise, no ornamentation. Except maybe brass hardware. Elegant but simple and drenched in white.

erin@designcrisis said...

What?! Where is the subway tile...?

I love the sleek teal cabs. Nom nom.

David said...

The Desire to Inspire kitchen is gorgeous. I have this whole fantasy life where I live like that in spare, modern spaces and wear nothing but black...

Here's a question for you: Many of those islands have stools. Do any of you have counter stools that you sit at? Am I the only one who hate the idea of sitting at a counter at home?

Raina said...

DAVID! You have touched on one of my biggest pet peeves.

I am NOT a fan of counters in kitchens. I know that in this day and age such a statement borders on heresy, but I just don't like the look.

A row of (usually) clunky bar stools all lined up like the local Steak & Shake? *shudder*

rightbank said...

Is there anything better?

That first one kills me - I love the red stools! Really, Raina, you don't even like those awesome red ones?

And the second one is just perfection.

Raina said...

*looks left, looks right*

OK, maybe the red ones, Rightbank. But just those, alright?

erin@designcrisis said...

I just bought some vintage Thonet barstools... they is pretty.

Decorina said...

No barstools in my kitchen. Nor any pure white gigantic islands...considering that I just painted my cabinets black.

But no to barstools. I want a chair - at my advanced age I don't do stools.

rightbank said...