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Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes please

Metropolitan Home.

Sorry for the lack of quality posting these past few days, but the busy-ness of our trans-global move is sucking my free moments up. Two-and-a-half weeks to go and we still don't know for certain where we're headed. Hopefully, LB's offer will come through later this week.

Today, I'll leave you with a delicious dining room. I lurve every bit of it except for the giant fake gemstones in the center of the table.


susieq said...

That dining room is utterly perfect. Perfect. { I don't even hate the giant fake gems. }

Awesome Sara said...

i was wondering what those this were in the middle. maybe they forgot to put it away from their lord of the ring scavenger hunt?

David said...

But the table itself...oh yeah!

kate salenfriend said...

perfection...of course with the exception of those dang "gems".
I am in love with that light fixture.
Didn't you post something not long ago about these light fixtures on steroids that we are seeing?
I love how they eat up all that air up above where no one is living anyway.
have you posted anything on ceiling fans?
I've got a husband that reeeaaallly wants one (birthday's coming) and I think it might be the ultimate of wifely sacrifices.
Anyone care to chime in?

Raina said...

I may have posted something on that topic but I've had a couple of sleeps since then.

I do know I've not posted on ceiling fans. I feel they are kinda like pap smears - necessary but no one really wants one.

It would be the ultimate wifely sacrifice, Kate. To be rewarded by hubs giving up two linear feet of closet space.

lucitebox said...

Agree--very cool room. At first glance, I thought, "I'll bet she doesn't like those giant fake gemstones."

Decorina said...

I like the dining room - especially the dandelion fixture. Coolness.

We finally bit the bullet and installed a ceiling fan in the family/tv room. It helped. No A/C in CO for me. I grew up in AZ, in Phoenix and I don't care what the locals think - this just is not hot. Then, there is the cost. Ceiling fans chop your chi into a million pieces, especially when you are sleeping (anyone still into feng shui?) so I use a floor fan in the bedroom during hot flash season which is upon us.

Good point about the closet space, Raina. So are you two packing like mad? Hope it all works out the way you want it to.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Same. It is delish.

karly / said...

Raina, those gemstones are awesome. When you make this room your own, you can pass those babies on to me

Please don't get me started on the sad song of ceiling fans. They are a necessary evil here in Texas, which tells me I must have done something really bad in a past life.

kate salenfriend said...

Thanks for the ceiling fan input. Can't find much online about them in the way of bloggers opinions. I think overall it's like you said Raina; the pap smear.
We're in California, so it's that time of year and yes, I'm a feng shui survivor. My house has been through it and back and I am wondering about my chi being diced up all night long. Only to fall where? I'll have to see.
I do think I'll go ahead with it. Further demonstrating my superior wife behavior of the ultimate sacrifice.

erin@designcrisis said...

First of all, there is no lack of quality for which to apologize!

Second, that alien mothership light fixture needs to come hang out at my house. I'm sure it was inexpensive.

Third, I hate ceiling fans, but I have no less than six of them in my home. All of them need to be replaced, and I can't find anything I don't hate for a reasonable price. Harumph. At least pap smears are covered by insurance.

nkp said...

That light fixture takes my breath away!

I hope that offer shows up on your doorstep pronto! Sending good thoughts your way via express mail... said...

Trans-global move - I'm so envious. I know when you're in the thick of it, it is not a lot of fun but I can't help it, it's like I have amnesia about the downsides and can only remember the excitement of it all. I'm dying of curiosity over here! Oh, and you need that light fixture in your new place. I'll take one too.

Raina said...

Decorina, We are packing like mad. I've spent the entire day cleaning, prepping, and listing items for Kiwi ebay.