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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our trip - the short version

Arrive at Christchurch airport midday Sunday.
Interminable wait in the terminal, only to be told our first flight was delayed indefinitely.
Big tears roll down my cheeks.
20 minutes later we board the plane (that announcement tells you a little something about New Zealanders).
Make it to Auckland with 30 minutes until our long-haul flight.
We navigate a terminal change (by bus), customs, and the new maze-like concourse shopping mall, and arrive at our gate with minutes to spare.
Settle in for a 12-hour flight.
In coach.
Yes, you read that correctly.
We are wedged behind a group of Kiwi Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who enjoy the full recline position of their seats waaaaay too much.
Surly flight attendants.
The 2 1/2-year-old Pea does as well as can be expected.
I get one hour of sleep, LB gets two.
Cross the international dateline.
Hey, it's still Sunday!
Arrive in San Francisco, more big tears running down my cheeks.
LB says softly,"I know, I know."
HOLY HELL, is it hot!
And it's beautiful.
And a lovely woman in immigration calls me "Honey." I haven't heard "honey" in two years.
And a nice man apologizes for getting a little bit near me at the baggage claim.
And, OMG, the accents. The voices are so clear and even. No fast-paced mumbling with dropped consonants and swallowed vowels.
And everyone is on the correct side of the road.
And measurements are in feet and inches.
And, Sweet Jesus, I can buy anything I want and it doesn't cost an effin' fortune.
And, hey, new $5 dollar bills!
Everyone is smiling and friendly.
I'm dizzy from happiness and fatigue.
We have a comfortable 20 minutes before boarding our flight to Denver.
The Frontier airline flight attendants could not be more helpful.
A Denver-based steward gives me his realtor's phone number.
I'm so overwhelmed by the kind gesture.
We arrive in Denver to D.'s open arms.
We beg for some real American food - "Bacon PLEASE!" - and she takes us to Racine's.
LB and I both devour bacon cheeseburgers, and The Pea tastes her first dill pickle.
D. takes us to our hotel.
She has arranged for us to have one of the best rooms in which she has placed champagne and flowers and a zillion other incredible things we'll appreciate more when we can see straight.
We are overwhelmed by her graciousness.
We collapse into bed so thankful to be home.


only a movie said...


ChrisToronto said...

So heartwarming. Best of luck Raina and welcome home!

nkp said...

Man, I'm exhausted after just reading that! But it's all worth it in the end...welcome home Raina, LB, and sweet Pea. Rest up.

Decorina said...

So nice to meet Raina and the Pea in person. That Pea has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. They are the cutest couple!

I would have been a zombie, but LB and Raina had the fortitude to get through a long dinner at Racines. Going without bacon (and cheese) for 2 years will do that to a person I think). The Pea held up admirably - what a trooper.

Of course they needed sleep - I needed sleep and all I did was pick them up at the airport! This morning we will go get them a rental car... So great to have them here.

pillow mint said...

Welcome home!

karly / said...

Decorina, you are a saint, what a doll you are to be so helpful to your blog friends. Isn't the internet magical :)


ticklishfromadistance said...

What a doll. And welcome home! Yahoo! I can be enthusiastic as I have not been traveling forever like you. Rest and enjoy.

thehomebound said...

Welcome home! So glad you are here and made it safely. Get some damn sleep now. said...

Hooray! Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Welcome home!

David said...

Big props to Decorina, everyone should have someone to care for them like that after such a long trip.

I see there are no Vegas beans on Racine's breakfast menu. Yay!

Creepy said...


Robin said...

Decorina, you are awesome. I LOVE the interwebz!

Raina, I am flabbergasted that you were lucid enough to write this post, although bacon does have magical powers. I want to hear more about the lack of bacon and cheese in NZ and why you didn't start a pig-n-cheese farm down there and corner the market...

Appropriately, my Word Verif. is "forkhe", which is the olde english spelling I believe.

Jill said...

I'm glad you arrived safely and to such a warm welcom, and bacon!

...I've never had the balls to recline my airplane seat even one inch!

Debi said...

Yes - Decorina sounds like a saint! What a nice touch after a long trip. So glad to hear you made it safely...!!



p.s. - when we crossed back - it was the accents we first noticed as well - so soothing! Snd we ordered Pizza and Beer for less than $50!!

MaryBeth said...

Hope the goodness continues. No matter what anyone says there is no place like home. xo, MB

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

So I take it your excited to be back on your home ground then!!
Glad you had a safe trip - that long haul sux the big ones!

sherri said...

well 'bout damn time you brought your ass and those your family' asses home! YAY! I must say I am a little pissed you are in Colorado instead of NC, but nevertheless thrilled for you and yours that you are just out of NZ. and what a lovely welcome from Decorina, she sounds like a sweetie pie.

griffo68 said...

So happy to read that you have all arrived safely!
I never recline my seat on a plane.....sooo rude!!!
Bacon and cheese.....mmmmmmm.....

ModFruGal said...

Racine's was always a fave...nice welcome!

Anonymous said...

You need to watch this:

Raina Cox said...

Anon - In KiwiLand, nothing is amazing and no one is happy.