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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The recession is still on, right?

Remember when I was flippin' for Anthropologie's lighting selection? I take it back, if for no other reason than this:

The "Chateau Lamp," retailing for $1,598.

The upside to purchasing this lamp? Having a place to move into when you lose your job and the roof over your head.


Jill said...

We posted about the exact same thing today...funny! I think this is really interesting, but more as art in a child's room maybe.

thehomebound said...

Complete crap. I think I could make that with some wire from the hardware store. Granted, then I would charge $2,598. But, mine would also come with a vineyard and fully stocked wine cellar.

Sam said...

Clearly the design industry does not read the newspaper.

Love it!


Sam @PrettyLovely

urbansardines said...

yeah, anthro is sort of hit or miss. and when they miss, they miss BIG!

pillow mint said...

Anthro is coming to Charlottesville. They're putting the final touches on the new space with an open date set for mid-August. I'm a little nervous for the competition in bedding, but if this is what their designers are putting out lately, maybe it's an unnecessary worry!

Raina said...

Pillow Mint - But they don't have the "Anita factor" and that's priceless.

pillow mint said...

you are too, too kind!! :) you just made my day!