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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

9 random things about me

If the household budget allowed, I would have fresh flowers daily.

When I have short hair, it never looks Audrey Tautou cute.

This is my second favorite Sartorialist shot. This is my first.

This is my Gawker/Jezebel avatar. fulfills most of my daily humor requirement.

I feel "crafting" is overrated.

I still think our President rocks.

I have a slight bangle addiction.

I love this installation by Garder Eide Einarsson - "The World is Yours (2005)."

Right now, I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by our transglobal move and the pressure of finding a house before 1.) our cargo container arrives in 4 weeks and 2.) our company-funded temporary housing runs out in 5.5 weeks.

After finally escaping a two-year exile on the ass-end of the planet, I have to remind myself that the world is indeed mine.


Robin said...

I *must* find an occasion to wear those fake eyelashes, they are to die for!

If my household budget allowed, I would love fresh flowers everyday too. However, my cats think fresh flowers are their personal salad bar, so I'd like to take that imaginary budget and put it toward a housecleaner. *That* would be sheer luxury...

Sol Kawage said...

Raina, you are so cool. i think the pea is very darn lucky.

pillow mint said...

take a deep breath -- everything will come together.
Wearing kick-ass bangles always makes me feel better, stronger, and more capable!! Put on your favorites and GO!

drollgirl said...

love this post!!!

and i can only imagine how much pressure you are feeling to find a house. ACK!!! you seem to be very busy with the process, hopefully the prices are right, and i think it will all come together, and SOON. it will be one hell of a relief when you have the housing thing ticked off of your to-do list! fingers crossed for ya. fingers crossed.

amy @ switz~art said...

it is yours, girl! it'll all come together for you and your lovely fam. why? because great things come to great people...that's why!

i don't think i could survive an international move...

Baglady said...

I love all of these. Good luck finding somewhere new to call "home". I hope one day soon you can look bck and think it's all been exciting rather than terrifying.

Mrs. R said...

I really have to stop reading your blog every time you say something like
"After finally escaping a two-year exile on the ass-end of the planet"
I think f**k you, you didn't like NZ and you left, big deal.
Do you have to bag it out every chance you get? I'm not even from there and I get angry. I'm an Australian, I guess I'm from the other ass cheek. Your comments make you sound like a clichéd xenophobic American. NZ let you live there, perhaps you should be grateful that you got to live your "exile" in such a beautiful country and maybe if you bothered to research you "exile" you would have known that NZ didn't stock your favorite capitalist resource wasting shopping malls and moved elsewhere. Or maybe you could just have embraced a different way of life and have been inspired by what they had and not by what you had to live with out.

I should be grateful to you I've just endured my own international move and was starting to sound like you, negative and bitchy but now I can see it for what it is and embrace my new, flawed, different, home town NYC. You see it works both ways.

Raina said...

Well, Mrs. R., if my opinion on my blog bothers you so much, then stop reading.

As for New Zealand, I will truly and deeply miss the sky-high crime rate, the endemic social autism, and boorish sports-obsessed culture. Not too mention the graffiti-covered cities (and suburbs), the ugly xenophobia/racism/antisemitism, and the weekly reports of yet another child being beaten to death. Oh, and paying twice as much for 1/3 the quality of ANYTHING.

You're right - there is so much to enjoy in KiwiLand. Everyone should move there.

only a movie said...

Yikes Raina. This is all you need.

I did an international move without a child and without your sort of stress, and that was hell. So I appreciate your need to sort it out on your blog.

I think it will work out. And I love your list. Nothing like a little diversionary meme to sort you out.


ticklishfromadistance said...

I love this post. And this blog. And you. Yikes.

nkp said...

I love this post. And this blog. And you. Yeah, I just copied g.'s sentiments exactly. Forgive me, she just returned from a long, relaxing vacation and I've got a long night ahead of me. So thanks for the clarity, g.

Raina, you rock. As for the rest of it, whatever, there ain't no shortage of meshuganas. Obviously!

Creepy said...

Loved this. You're avery bit as cute as Ms. Tautou.

David said...

You have to be zen about the housing situation, as difficult as that is. The universe will put you right where you're supposed to be.

And when you have the place you'll furnish it beautifully, perhaps via some trips to a few of our capital wasting shopping malls. You'll have a blast doing, we'll have a blast watching.

The world IS yours. Take a big slice, there's plenty.

Decorina said...

Lurve this post...I'm sure things will come together as David says.

BTW, big huge wonderful flea market tomorrow morning. Interested?