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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please welcome Pillow Mint

La Lamp Shade wishes to welcome our first sponsor - Pillow Mint! Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Pillow Mint is an upscale bedding and home accessory shop owned by the lovely Anita Davis.

Some of the delicious lines Anita features are John Robshaw, Serena & Lily, Plover Organic, Couleur Nature, and Denise Schmidt Quilts. And the gorgeous crib bedding is not to be missed!

Pillow Mint also carries lovely home accessories including picture frames, throw pillows, wall decor, books, and luscious scented goodies.

If you can't make it to Charlottesville soon, Pillow Mint has a full-service website. Anita is currently offering free shipping with any order over $40.


David said...

I took a look at the website, she's got some nice things! I may need a couple thomaspaul pillows.

karly / said...

hooray for sponsors! And what a good one! I spied a few goodies that would look great in my home

susieq said...

Congrats, Miss L. Shade! I love the Thomas Paul grayhound pillow. Looks like the sweet pup is nestled in a letter ‘Q’! I need that!

Pam Kersting said...

Congratulations to La Lamp Shade and to Pillow Mint on your new sponsorship! How wonderful for you both -- I'm sure it will be mutually beneficial!

pillow mint said...


As a special treat -- if your order is a direct result of La Lampshade you will receive a lovely gift! :)
After placing your order, shoot me an email through the pillow mint site and let me know!


Creepy said...

Yay that you have a sponsor!

And Pillow Mint is the best name for a store ever.

Jeannine said...

Anita, do us Cville locals get a special gift, too? I might have to come by after hitting the market on Saturday. :)

Raina said...

Welcome Jeannine! Any friend of Anita's is a friend of mine.

hello gorgeous said...

Congrats! *click* *click*