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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Denver icon

One of Denver's most iconic mid-century architectural masterpieces, the Koin House, has recently hit the market and today an invitation-only open house was held. Christi the WonderRealtor and I were only too excited to go.

Sitting on nearly 1.5 acres, the Koin House was designed by Tician Papachristou (an associate of Marcel Breuer) and Charles Haertling in 1962. It was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest two years later. The house measures 5083 sq ft and features 5 bedrooms and 8 baths (that's not a typo). The master bedroom and the children's rooms occupy separate wings of the house.

Check out the fur area rug. I thought those only existed in Elle Decor photo shoots.

The bar area in the same room. It's bigger than the kitchen in my first studio apartment.

A Lucy and Desi arrangement in the master bedroom.

The laminate-tastic laundry room.

The staircase leading to the basement rec room.

I knew there was a reason I liked this house.

More photos are available at the listing.


karly / said...

If only it had been on the market a month ago. But then again, 8 bathrooms is a bit on the skimpy side, and could you imagine trying to cram your 3 person family into a wimpy 5,000 square feet. Misery.

susieq said...

Whoa, sister. That's fantastic! What fun. I'm off to see the other photos.

Robin said...

The laundry room is bigger than my current kitchen.

Love the staircase railing and kind of like the wallpaper (or wall treatment) except for the part where it is on the baseboard heater?

And what is up with the two double beds in the MB?

Raina said...

Robin - I know! Wouldn't you think that paper on the baseboard heater would have peeled up?

Maybe double beds is the key to marital bliss.

What you don't see is the His and Hers bathrooms on opposite sides of the master suite.

The Koins needed their space.

nkp said...

Shut up!

nkp said...

I just looked at the listing. God I love those black tiled floors.

David said...

Oh my it's fab. Wet bar and separate baths, the Koins obviously knew how to live.

Imagine living in that. I'd feel like Robert Reed. Or Donna.

sherri said...

So awesome, thanks for sharing. Perhaps the owner has irritable bowel syndrome or suffers from frequent urination? Either way, when the toilets outnumber the beds, I find that bizarre. Have a fantastic weekend. Still can't wait to see your new pad!

erin@designcrisis said...

Hee hee, Karly makes me giggle!

Raina, I think your new pad is almost as fabulous, and exponentially more affordable. Hooray!