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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If I could marry a color palette, part deux

Yesterday's love song to the dynamic duo of turquoise and grape-y purple really got my gears going (like you couldn't tell). You may remember that I recently purchased this Sferra duvet, above, for our guest bedroom. Well, today I spent way too much time on the interwebs putting together a bedding ensemble which fully embraces my new color combo lust.

I started with two John Robshaw euro shams in "Cinde Lavender" from Pillow Mint.

I added Inhabit's Balance pillow cases in a chocolate and gray stripe and Garnet Hill's Cortland quilt in chartreuse.

It's all going on this bed.. a room with walls painted this color (Benjamin Moore's "Grappa").

This is the overall effect I'm going for, except less French-y cottage traditional obviously.

Now, Dumplings, you may think this is a helluva lot going on on one bed, but I love me some layered patterns when it come to the boudoir. A note to those on the guest bedroom reservation waiting list - this should all come together by mid-November. Just in time for ski season. And we're a mere 30 minutes from Denver International.


Kate said...

mmmmmm... I love that grappa, especially with the chartreuse quilt and the patterns. If I came to stay you'd never get me out of there.
The room's going to be fantastic!

hello gorgeous said...

I love that bed.

susieq said...

You are some kinda masterful on the interwebs! The bed is fabulous and I love your combination of colors and patterns. It will truly be exquisite!

amy @ switz~art said...

oooh! love that paint colour..actually love it all, as per usual.

my hubby and benny moore are tight. he's a field service/installation tech for paint machines/mixers/tinters for benny moore and other home outfits. do you have B.M. Aura paint in the States? that stuff is bloody incredible! highly recommended!

Raina said...

Thanks for that tip, Amy! I will definitely invest in premium Aura.

karly / said...

So, what you're saying is that you don't want me to leave the guest bedroom? Ok, your call.

BTW, you have my full support with the layered patterns

pillow mint said...

when people come in the store and explain what they want i feel like saying, "if you're looking for a bed in a bag, this is not your place."
LOVE mix and layers and non-matchy bedding. and grape walls. ;)

Designers' Brew said...

I am so there. In that bed.