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Monday, October 26, 2009

Auntie Meme

The talented Leigh from Papillon Linens - European Elegance must think I'm pretty swell. She's given me the Kreativ Blogger Award and tagged me for a "7 Things You Didn't Know" meme. Thanks so ever so much for the love, Leigh!

1. This is my least favorite color combination on the planet:
2. I am so glad this print gained popularity. If you have this on your wall, I won't have to go through that initial "Let's be friends!" period. Because we never will be:

3. I'm on the slow end of being able to speed read. The plus side? I can finish a 300-page novel in a couple of hours. The down side? It's hell on proof-reading, so I usually have to correct my blog posts at least once.

4. I love to bake and I make 3 dishes very well - chocolate chip kugel, coconut custard pie, and peach cobbler.

5. I drive this:

but secretly want to own this:

6. Next weekend, I head to Austin, Texas for three days of design-oriented debauchery (and maybe just regular ole debauchery) with Erin and Karly from Design Crisis and the Brew Mistress from Designers' Brew. We've been planning this for months and I cannot believe it's just days away. EB and KP have scheduled trips to the shootin' range, the nation's hippest barbershop, and the paint store to meet the world famous Sanders. KP mentioned something about some drinking in between those activities.

7. I've been sitting on some really truly very good news that I hope to be able to share with you next month. No hints, no clues. Just watch this space for an announcement...


pillow mint said...

ACK! You guys are going to have so much fun!! Austin will never be the same... :)

The good news tease is just too much - you've got my mind darting and diving all over the place trying to figure it out!

karly said...


karly said...

hey, blogger truncated some of my !!!!!!!!!

I typed like 7 rows of them. The above really doesn't express my excitement to it's fullest

Designers' Brew said...

KP--they show up on the main page for the blog post. :)


As for your surprise, I know there are to be no more Peas, so I'm not going to guess that. Which means I can only conclude that Z Gallerie has hired you to do for their product design what Jenna Lyons did for J. Crew, and will be providing you with an Am/Ex black card and an expense account with which to furnish your ikaterrific home office. I know. I'm amazing.

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

to be a fly on the wall in Austin town this weekend! I look forward to the oodles of pics you post. (read that as an order -not a request!!)

susieq said...

Damn Raina. I hate it when you tease.

Girls, drink a tall one for me!

sherri said...

You guys are going to have the most amazing time - Please take LOTS of pictures. And Raina,should I justreturn the Keep Calm and Carry On limited edition trans-am I got you for Hannukah? and p.s. your cooking sounds amazing.

abchao said...

Super tease!

Um, y'all know I'm within driving distance of Austin, right? So when you feel someone's eyes on you from behind the greenery wall at Zoinks...well, that's me, stalking you.

ita darling. said...

1. what the heck is kugel?
2. F those "keep calm" posters and every inane derivation.
3. If y'all feel like going out on Friday in Austin- I will be at Club DeVille at Waxploitation/ Soul Happening!
4. truly good news tease!


amy @ switz~art said...

Congrats on the award! Very fitting indeed!

1. super fugariffic...could not agree more with that colour combo.

2. i hope we can still be friends...i have a 4x6 keep calm, but only to contrast the 4x6 panic & freak out saying.

3. you & me both! i am pissed at myself...i used "hear" instead of using "here" in a recent blog post. sickening, i tell you!

4. i am jumping on the next denver flight and will camp out at your house until i have sampled all of your baking

5. fab wheels! love 'em!

6. i can't wait to hear of your debaucherous details! yay!

7. can't wait! i'll keep my eyes peeled. i think i have an idea...

happy monday. did the pea get you up to date with scatology? i had a good laugh when i read that!


Raina Cox said...

Ita Darling - Kugel is a super yum Jewish noodle and egg dish. You must try it! I will let KP and EB know you're up for a good time. ;)

Amy - We can still be friends, and you're welcome in the Mile High City any time. The story behind that story is I asked Pea what her new kitty's name was. She said "Poopit!" and dissolved into giggles. It was her first attempt at making a joke. I laughed my ass off, so now everything is "Poopit!".

only a movie said...

Love to read more about you, Raina. Can't wait to read about your bloggy meet-up.
Also, your dream car rocks.

Sol Kawage said...

i love this woman.

nkp said...

Sol beat me to my comment. :0) said...

I had no idea you owned a shop! The more I learn about you, the more I'm intrigued. So I can't imagine what you've got in store! And number 2? Best unknown fact ever. Hehehe. Your weekend with the DC girls is going to be too much fun. Look out, Austin!

erin@designcrisis said...

So, can you make custard and kugel to accompany the martinis we'll be sippin' while driving Karly's Corvette through downtown Austin?


Oh, and Susan, if not this weekend, we must meet up sometime!

amy @ switz~art said...

Poopit is freakin' hilarious! I may have to fit The Pea's new word into my vocab! Baha!

Teri said...

I love your blog, because I love your sense of humor and you design still is ok too ;)

I would be the evil person to send you a turquoise and magenta Carry On sign as a housewarming gift.

Because I am evil like that.

I can not wait to hear the news!!!

Until then- Poopit!

woodley park-zoo said...

When I was probably 12 I thought teal and magenta were the best colours in the world. Not sure about together though... and I will always love fucshia but this year I'm also having a re-dalliance with teal because of Dries Van Noten FW09 and Celine SS10 collections... sort of the sophisticated deepening of the still unfulfilled crush I developed for minty greens ever since discovering the American Apparel colour name 'ash grey sea foam' (not that I'm an AA groupie, but something about that long, involved description of a melange knit tone...)

I love reading these kinds of posts, and you're especially good at it because you've touched range of realms and not used each as an excuse to tell a long, self involved anecdote. Like my first paragraph... *smacks self*

So wish I was hanging out with you guys in Austin, have a great time!

woodley park-zoo said...

I forgot to say that my mind is boggling at the thought of chocolate chips somehow going with noodles...!

Leigh Chandler said...

Thanks Raina! I love your wit and your ability to edit. My seven things -read like War and Peace! I'll have to keep "short and sweet" and "to the point" in mind...

mise said...

Ah, you're droll and good with words. I'll have to follow you.