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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ikat a lot

Elle Decor.

A short time after posting yesterday's photo of my new bed linens, I was contacted by Fabricadabra, a pillow maker who specializes in global fabrics including African mudcloths, Uzbekistani Suzanis, and Southeast Asian ikats. Be still my eclectic decorating heart!

Fabricadabra's selection of ikats is unbeatable. The prices are incredible - most pillow covers are between $40 and $65, with sale goods at about half that. And the bonus is that their fabrics, made with natural non-toxic fibers and low-impact dyes, are extremely eco-friendly.

S.R. Gambrel Design.

For more loveliness, visit Elle Decor's everything ikat slide show and House Beautiful's selection of ikat rugs.
House Beautiful.


Kate said...

That last rug is sooo beautiful. I want it.

karly said...


I'm going to go load up my cart at Fabricadabra now

Yana said...

how awesome!!
and i have to agree, that rug is amazing.

and your post title is perfect. haha

Designers' Brew said...

Too funny--I was just at their website today, after seeing them mentioned in a recent issue of InStyle. I hope they send you some free goodies!

susieq said...

I love Fabricadabra! Did you notice the Rubie Green fabrics on their pillows in the cotton section? Great prices!!

nkp said...

Want. It. All. {now}

Sol Kawage said...

wow! I love them! I confess that I didn't even know what ikat was before your last post.
uh. and my husband tells me I don't learn anything by lingering on blogs.

sherri said...

yes, please.

erin@designcrisis said...

Holy awesome dealz!

Do they make ikat futon covers???

(yes, I admit that I own a futon).

Bromeliad said...

Love Fabricadabra. They inspired my homemade ikat storage boxes.