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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Hanukkah list

My darling LB is struggling with ideas for my Hanukkah gifts. Right now, I'm all about furnishing our new house, so most everything on this list is interiors related.


Any and all would be delicious, and you will see that I have thoughtfully provided one gift for each of the 8 nights of the Festival of Lights. And where I've requested pairs, those still only count as one gift. Just so we're clear.

Pom Pom ottoman from Urban Outfitters, $128.

Window Shopper tote bag from LeSportsac, $69.

Pills cup and small dish from Fishs Eddy, $17.90.

Monster Truck pencil holder by Paige Russell, $145.

Furlicious bean bag from Pottery Bean Teen, $159 (2 please).

Dorit candle holders by Jean Pelle, $80.

UrbnCal 2010 Stockholm calendar by Esa and Lisa Tanttu, $25.

Pac side table in white from Arktura, $399 (2 please).
Sweetie, I want to use these as nightstands in our bedroom.

Love, kisses & naughty thoughts,

Your wife


Karena said...

Raina, I love your style and wish list. May they truly all come true!!

Cristin said...

The candle holders are my favorite, followed closely by the pom pom thingie... good luck scoring everything on your list.

sherri said...

the pill cup and candle holders are awesome. Excellent Hannukah list.

David said...

What a good list! Here's hoping LB is all over it. I love the UO ottoman too, but Alex Schnauzer would have those furry pom-poms off in a minute or less.

nkp said...

Now you know you're gonna embarass him with the whole "naughty thoughts" bit. ;0)

You are such a kind,
thoughtful soul Raina for making this process a no-brainer for LB. Always thinking of others, yes you are!

Love your choices...may have to put some of them on my list of Hanukkah wishes as well.

Mel said...

The Pom Pom ottoman!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!
Great list!

ticklishfromadistance said...

What a wife. Always thinking ahead. Love it all. I am thinking of the furry friends for my kids rooms. Look great.

Teri said...

I believe I might have to send my husband over, I have to have the UO ottoman!

erin@designcrisis said...

The side tables are statement makers for sure!

only a movie said...

I failed to click 'submit' this morning when I commented (from work).
Anyway, love that ottoman, and good luck getting your wishlist. xo

Raina Cox said...

LB said the ottoman was an "abomination."