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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Urban Outfitters wish list

Geo Pleated pillow, $36. Love love love the texture.

Waterfall Ruffle curtain, $60 per panel. I actually just hung this in The Pea's bedroom as a replacement for the closet door.

Birdcage hanging lamp, $98. Hey, they knocked off sister company Anthropologie's Songbird chandelier!

Textured Glass tumbler, $10 each. A little pricey for UO - it had better be heavy.

Barcode Flag tapestry, $28. I think this would make fantastic upholstery material.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are dead right; the birdcage is a cheaper rendition of their sister co.'s version. Love it! You picked wonderful finds. I adore UO..ugh!

David said...

Such fun stuff, why do I never go into UO? It's across the street from JCrew, you'd think I could walk over.

susieq said...

My favorite is an oldie but goodie: +OO Blue Dot In a Pinch sling chair. And it's on sale now for $79. UO is looking better and better!

Kate said...

We dont have UO here.
I'm going to sulk in the corner now.

Debi said...

Love the blue pillow - that looks fun!

Alexis said...

Love the ruffley curtain.

Why wasn't UO this cool when I lived around the corner from one in NYC?