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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doonan pulled it off

Okay, so you remember how profoundly disappointed I was with the White House Christmas decorations this year? I mean Simon Doonan, Barney's Head Gay and husband of ceramic god Jonathan Adler, was charged with creating a very Merry at 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue. I had the highest of hopes.

And this is what La Doonan gave us:

The Blue Room Christmas tree.

Well, Dumplings, it turns out subversive Simon made sure a few quite festive and gay ornaments found their way to the Blue Room tree, including a Pride ball featuring drag queen extraordinaire Hedda Lettuce. Doonan didn't directly solicit Ms. Hedda for her rainbow creation.

"Rather, the White House sent boxes of plain bulbs to schools and charities, including a gay community center at which Hedda volunteers, for creative decoupaging. Hedda decorated her bulb as any self-respecting star of stage and reality television guest spots would, by festooning it with images of herself. Hedda's account of discovering her ornament made the tree:

'I may never get equal rights, I may never be blond and pencil thin, I may never see Lady Gaga in concert this winter at Madison Square Garden (I could not get a ticket) but one of my balls is hanging in the White House with my name for all to see.'"

Oh, and someone decoupaged our President's face onto Mount Rushmore.

Now this is some craftulence I can get behind.



david john said...

happy holidays!

and keeping with the theme, you might like this!

Amy said...

love decoupaged christmas ornaments...Have a merry christmas

only a movie said...

Really really cool. Did you our first couple on TV last night?

Raina Cox said...

OAM - No, I didn't. Were they wishing the nation holiday greetings?

Robin said...

I watched the last half of the HGTV special the other day to get a better look at the decorations. They were pretty tame overall, but there were some interesting things going on with red lacquer magnolia leaf wreaths and rows and rows of folded magnolia leaves glued to vases so that they looked like ribbon. They were craftabulous.

nkp said...

Hedda's account of discovering her ornament- PRICELESS!

susieq said...

Too funny! Love this!

karly / said...

Awesome!!! This just made my Christmas, and restored my faith in humanity

erin@designcrisis said...

Good job, Dood.