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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If this came in white

It would make my living room very happy.
The "Carbon" is still under consideration.


amy @ switz~art said...

oh, oh, oh!!! I love the carbon!! white is fab, too. only for me, out of the question. i have a black dog prone to being a couch potato alongside me. eeeks! love this couch, raina!

Jess said...

I really love it too. Gray (in any shade) is my favorite and I think the shape of this sofa is fab and looks like you - well, what I know of you. The shape certainly goes with the grooviness of your house!

Jesselyn said...

Yeaaaah you can totes just buy me that one for now, thanks.

Alison said...

just tossing my two cents in here: i always wanted a white sofa and ended up getting one in charcoal gray instead. best decision ever. it's neutral but looks awesome with almost any color and all the wine sloshing and soup eating i do on it hasn't shown up at all. jesus, i sound like a hobo.

p.s. also hides cat hair pretty well.

nkp said...

White? Are you serious? You brave woman you. Have you forgotten the lipstick incident?

I love the gray and the shape of this piece. I have a chaise from CB2 in the basement and it has held up great considering the three amigos and their destructive tendencies. You know who I'm talking about. ;0)

Karena said...

I love the carbon and it would be better with my Himalayan Miss Belle!

Raru said...

I think that in white it will be great :))))


erin@designcrisis said...

I'm still hard at work imagining Alison as a hobo.

Love the sofa in any color, but since everything is currently covered in avocado babyfood, white would be far too delicate for Chez Berin von Benanderin.

Raina Cox said...

NKP - I have visions of covering a white sofa with vintage textiles for a boho chic look. Which I would probably be forever fussing with.

Raru - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!