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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving house, evolving styles

Lee Kleinhelter, owner of the upscale home store "Pieces" in Atlanta, recently moved from a 1930s faux-French suburban house to a new contemporary high-rise condominium. With the move, her style evolved from a hodge-podgey Domino look to a much more sophisticated Elle Decor feel.

Previous house - the living and family rooms.

Before, disparate styles duked it out, including French country, Hollywood Regency, 1970s California hippie, and Mid-Century Modern.

New condo - the living room.

A simpler palette and a cleaner mix of periods. Also, the television isn't pretending to be a fireplace.

Dining room, previous house and new condo.

The base of the table has been painted for greater contrast, and stylish new black chairs have replaced the clunky Regency seating.

Step-daughter's bedroom, previous house and new condo.

The light fixture from the old dining room now hangs over the re-upholstered bed. The yellow bedsides lamps previously flanked the living room sofa. The seagrass tuffets had been used as outdoor seating.

Previous house - master bedroom.

The Hollywood Regency mirrors are now located in the living room and dining room. The blanc de chine bedside lamps remain but have new shades. The chandelier hangs in the new living room.

New condo - master bedroom.

So, Dumplings, how much does your style change when you move? David of Midwestern Malaise and Ally of From the Right Bank have both relocated recently. What say you two?

[Previous house featured in Cottage Living]
[New condominium featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles]


David said...

For us, while some of the specific pieces may change, I don't think the overall feel should be that different in the new place. We like a mix of things, I'm just aiming for a sleeker, more refined version of what we usually do.

Art, lamps, asian antiques stay. A couple of chairs will get reupholstered. We'll need a fair amount of new furniture just because we've doubled our square footage.

I can't wait to get to the decorating part, but the renovation part is going to keep us busy for quite a while.

nkp said...

I love that you did these side by side comparisons. I've been scrutinizing the shots of her new digs for a couple of weeks now after getting wind of her new place and I have to admit, I guess I'm more the Domino girl. I like her new home, but not as much as the character-filled older abode. Being familiar with Atlanta real estate, I'd take the quirky bungalow over sleek high-rise living any day. But that's just a personal choice.

I do love seeing how the peices (ha) from her previous home have been repurposed in the new digs. You' ve done a great job with your eagle eye. Search around for some images of her new little guy's nursery. It's really cute!

Great post!

Sol Kawage said...

the first house I had and decorated was full of good decoration intentions but as a student I lacked the $$ to make the right choices. Also, I was much less hands-on DIY I can copy your stupid million dollar ___ (insert here: lamp, table, chair, sofa, pouff), so I just made do with ikea shit. Ten years later I have a little bit more self confidence to make my own choices, a little more cash to invest in that table lamp I adore or some vitra shit. But all in all what I have changed is my view of the house, from a static place where things have to stay as they are to one that is alive and where I can experiment.

Keri Batchelder Hoffman said...

it is nice to see how many pieces were repurposed.

ita darling. said...

i think moving into new spaces speak to me in different ways. and style and trends constantly evolve. why not use each new place as a new laboratory to experiment? your life is never stagnant so why should your surroundings be? (spoken by a woman who a.) has never lived in a single place her whole life longer than 2 years and b.) is about to majorly overhaul a few rooms in her casa) hee hee.

La Petite Gallery said...

First visit...
Love the yellow draperies. You are a happy person...lovely post.


Naomi said...

I'm planning to change the style dramatically. But that's A) because I must mix my taste with my boy's and B) I'm getting rid of all the old post-college stuff. Hoorah.

And while I like all the pieces Lee used, something about her new place does seem a bit sterile. Great analysis!

Ally @ FROM THE RIGHT BANK said...
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Ally @ FROM THE RIGHT BANK said...

You have hit on the very issue I am struggling with right now. As you know, I've moved a lot and have lived in many different style of homes. While I don't believe that the style of the house has to dictate the entire interior, it does play a part and my new house is so completely different from my last that it has me stumped in so many areas (fixtures, lights, etc.).

I'm not complaining though. I just need to work through a lot more issues. (I guess we all know what I'll be blogging about for the foreseeable future!) I'll be using most of my old pieces and incorporating a bunch of furniture handed down to me from my parents and trying to tie it all together with a few new things and here and there. Good thing I love a good design challenge!

heart charlie said...

Wow! The change in style is quite amazing and I love the courage she had to go for a completely different look! This is an inspiring post ;)

susieq said...

I have not even cracked open my Atlanta Homes -- so this is quite exciting! I think Lee's new digs are more unified, more sophisticated. But, I prefer the Domino style place. It just seemed more personable. And I liked the clash of Hollywood Regency, French, modern, and more.

Raina Cox said...

La Petite Gallery and Heart Charlie - Hello to you both and welcome to this deliciousness!

Robin said...

I agree with the above commenters re: the repurposed pieces. Nice to see a pro re-using stuff in new ways in new rooms. Like normal people do!

Karena said...

The new look is great very sleek and sophisticated. I will always have certain pieces that are forever!!

erin@designcrisis said...

One more kudos for the repurposed pieces -- god knows she has PLENTY of cash to up and buy everything new from scratch.

I've been thinking about this a lot since I have the itch to move. I'm definitely planning to switch some of my more Danish pieces for sleeker, 70's coke palace pieces -- if the house will let me do it. I'm a firm believer that the house's interior should *somehow* reflect the exterior. The magic is in the mix.

Jen said...

...and the dog had to be wrapped up in a Flokati to hide its Ol' Yeller coat.