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Friday, January 22, 2010

When I win the lottery

Racked NYC.

I shall have Tord Boontje's "Come Rain Come Shine" light fixture for Artecnica. It comes in three sizes with the largest measuring 65"high x 30"diameter. SWOON! The price? $10,450. Unswoon.

The manufacturing story is a little too "Aren't poor people just something?!?":

Come Rain Come Shine is produced through Coopa-Roca, a women's cooperative based in Rio de Janeiro's largest shantytown, employing humanitarian values and artisanal production methods consistent with Artecnica's Design With Conscience campaign. By using their homes as workshops, cooperative members earn a living while tending to their children and other domestic responsibilities. In addition to extending livelihood opportunities, Coopa-Roca's commitment to world-class craftwork has enhanced the self-esteem of women in this impoverished neighborhood.

But I'm still lusting after the piece. It would be stunning in the far right corner of our great room:

Update: LB says he'll make this for me if I buy the materials. He added that we'll send a $500 check to Coopa-Roca which he assures me is more than what the ladies usually receive for their work.


nkp said...

Are they talking about humans or cattle? Condescending is an understatement. Wonder what percentage of that whopping price tag goes to these "lucky" souls. Not much I suspect. Isn't philanthropy grand.

The fixture is fantastic and I hope you do win the lottery because it would fill out that corner quite nicely. But truth be told, I bet some serious cash ( if I had it) that crafty Karly and Ms. Genius art aficionado Erin could cook you up a smiliar, if not better version. Up for the challenge ladies? Come on, you know you could go all bad ass etsy-like on that chandy! ;0)

erin@designcrisis said...

Dang, Nelya took the words right outta my mouth! I'd go buy some pinatas and craft up some colorful awesomeness, all while tending to my other domestic responsibilities.

Suzy Parker LaCroix said...

I know you have an aversion to craftulence, but seriously, you could knock-out a killer knock-off.

Jamie said...

I have to third the above comments. Although I don't know the suggested craftspeople, I am sure you could have a custom fixture whipped up for a small fraction of the price and with much less snobbery.

Naomi said...

10G's for colorful tissue paper? Oh Hells No.
Lets make our own and donate to causes on our own accord.

PS- I think I would be disappointed when this light didn't explode with candy. Cause looking at it makes me want to eat candy.

Alexis said...

It would look amazing, but I'm with Nelya. I bet you could find someone on etsy to make you something very similar, and you'd even get to pick your own colors.

sherri said...

that is almost as awesome as the new verb "unswoon". lurv them both.

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

'swoon. unswoon' god you make me laugh - love it!

Kate said...

10 grand? Do you reckon they whop that price tag on to give it extra kudos? Maybe they leave you to pay for the patronising copywriter.

WV Excess (ha!)