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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventures in Pea's world

This morning, The Pea and I saw "Disney on Ice."
She got an awesome hat...

...and enjoyed some cotton candy.

At lunch, she surprised LB and me with her newest trick.
Girl's got mad skillz.

What are you Dumplings up to this weekend?


The Shiny Pebble said...

She is sooo darn cute... I'm betting this is one of yo-gabagaba's "cool tricks". G-man loves that one.

This w/e I launched a giveaway. One word: Chanel

my favorite and my best said...

she is cuter than a new born deer. and believe me that is cute.

also fiona had the same sweater in green striz-nipes.

i spy a sugar induced coma glare.

nkp said...

She is the cutest!!! And I love her stylin' vest. The Pea is always ahead of the game by leaps and bounds.

I am currently hiding out in the blue office with my quiet friend the swordfish who doesn't speak. The silence is key after a day of bagels, the mummy museum, Indian for lunch, followed by "Old McDonald" for the four year old who refused to eat his pink chicken at Indian for lunch, followed by the bookstore and then a manicure for me.

David said...

Who can resist a girl in a snappy vest and a fish hat? Not I. The spoon-on-nose trick is icing on the cake.

Our weekend has consisted of shopping, basketball watching, steak grilling, and unfortunately, discovering that Prada the guest schnauzer has turned the unused master bedroom into her own private poopatorium. She's going home tonight if her daddy gets off work any time before midnight.

Anita Davis said...

the pea is beyond cute -- mad skillz indeed!

this weekend is dedicated to working at the shop on saturday. sunday breakfast of eggs, bacon, oranges, and challah-raisin toast. i have to get the downstairs room ready for my mom's visit next week; and boys playing lacrosse this evening.
(hopefully i can a nap in sometime!!)

Anita Davis said...

("get" a nap in sometime!)
this time change must be messin' with my typing skills!

only a movie said...

Damn, she's cute.
Over here there's a lot of school work going on. :-)

erin@designcrisis said...

Precious Pea gets cuter by the day!

So far, we have done some house hunting, some cleaning, some yardwork, and lots of eating this weekend. Fun stuff.

Marija said...

How cute is she? Nothing but rain here yesterday so I caught up on some computer time and more of the same today. Eventually, I will venture outdoors...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Marija

sherri said...

I want that Nemo hat, so great.
had a great weekend, looks like you did too.

Teri said...

She is one talented girl!!!