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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damn, it's a good day

Gay Jello treats for everyone!

Oh my God, it's not even 2pm and I've had the most fabulous day. It's in the mid 60s and sunny here in Denver today. I spent the morning running around getting errands checked off because we're supposed to have a hellacious snowstorm tomorrow.

I hit up J.Crew and not only encountered the friendliest salesperson in the history of ever but also found the perfect tee (on sale) for a skirt I have. I skipped down to Anthropologie (Karly stop rolling your eyes) and bought me some travelin' pants. I'm not calling them "yoga" pants because Molly is not a fan and Molly is my style guru. By the way, I want to be the guy at Anthro's HQ who names the clothing. Because I'm guessing that person is baked about 85% of the day.

On the way home, I picked up a small pan of crème brulée for LB because he loves it and I love him. An eclair was calling my name (no, seriously it was), so that jumped into the shopping cart too.

I'm starting to get the house in order for spring because we have a faboo living area out back and I cannot wait to use it. The concrete dude called and will be out tomorrow to look at the upper patio. A landscaper Jamie recommended will be here in about 20 minutes to help me figure out how to make the yard look awesomesauce.

Here's the back of our house. Is this not the strangest looking exterior you've ever seen? That's why I lurve it!

We've ripped up this genteel-looking AstroTurf and will replace it with a higher class (pinky finger extended) of indoor/outdoor carpet. We kept the fancy windsock. I kid, I kid.

Dumplings, has Thursday been treating you well or do you all have green-tinged hangovers?


The Shiny Pebble said...

I'm giving you my opinion, even though you didn't ask for one. But instead of indoor/outdoor carpeting, have you ever heard of stamped concrete? or even just stain the concrete you have. Just saying... it will add another layer and if you still want a outside/inside rug you can just throw one out there. I'm totally into outside projects right now.

my favorite and my best said...

yeah, i'm curious too. why more carpet?
your house is freakishly fabulous.
and i am super surprised at the level of niceness in your jcrew. i am mostly ignored in mine.

Raina Cox said...

The Shiny Pebble and MFAMB - The concrete is not in the best of shape. No structural problems, just a lot of glue residue and hairline cracks. But who knows? After the concrete dude's visit tomorrow, I may have two new patios to do with as I please.

nkp said...

MIne-not bad, but clearly nowhere near as good as yours. And I'll take a shot of vodka in my jello treat, please. ;0)

nkp said...

If I may interject on the concrete issue, perhaps a skim coat of fresh concrete and a stain and polish will do the trick? We stained the original concrete foundation in the basement. Just had them clean it first, didn't even fill the dings and divots. Turned out great. But I suspect the outdoors present a different set of concerns.

sherri said...

Can I just focus on how glad I am for you that your day rocked? I have no design advice, as you know. Creme brulee calls my name often. And I always answer.

Jamie said...

So glad that the landscaper worked out, which one did you choose, my neighbor or the McDreamy lookalike? Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

I avoid J Crew because they are generally poopy to me, you will have to tell me which one you went to.

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Raina, do I tell you enough how much I love you?
FIrst glad you had an awesome day... I understand because I did too. Found the most fantastic tables(x2) and bought both and I don't even know where for...maybe bedside, maybe living room- who knows.
Love love your exterior. I would so doll up that covered area with a billion white paper lanterns in different sizes. Yum.

Raina Cox said...

Jamie - Your neighbor, he's very nice. I went to the Park Meadows Crew, the staff at the Cherry Creek one are hateful.

David said...

YAY for your day (and gay jello shots)! I started with coffee and a muffin on my way to the builders supply store. Looked at mouldings and doors, came home to meet the plumber. Home warranty meant new garbage disposal for 60 buck service call!

Electrician came to verify info for the service upgrade. All good to go.

City came to inspect new furnace and a/c. Wrong breaker, but will be corrected with service upgrade. Dude was an hour late and kind of a tool. Then I went to Brett's office to watch basketball with everybody in their conference room.

I always get great service at JCrew. Brett says it's because James the manager is crushing on me. I say he's just very friendly.

amy @ switz~art said...

hot damn, your place is super cool. but i expect no less from you.

"By the way, I want to be the guy at Anthro's HQ who names the clothing. Because I'm guessing that person is baked about 85% of the day." My comment to this: abso-frickin'-lutely! Haha!

No hangover here...I ate something that didn't agree with me and stayed away from the happy juice. But we won't talk about that.

Lolo said...

Dwell goes to Middle Earth? Hipsters meet Hobbits?

I love it.

Let's see, my feeble twigs that pass for arms are sore from transplanting ten shrubs and now I'm off to work the bake sale for one of the schools.

That porch/deck is the perfect canvas for outdoor lounging.

griffo68 said...

It's sort of Mid Century meets The Addams Family!
I LOVE it!
I crave for an outside space like yours, it will look fantabulous when it's done. I would go with concrete.

karly / said...

I LOVE the back of your house!!!

I'm glad you had a great Thursday, mine was literally born in hell, it's good to know that someone I adore had a good day to balance mine out.

erin@designcrisis said...

Awesome, awesome patio! Your house gets better with every picture I see of it.

Porch and patio paint for the concrete, with some outdoor rugs would be my vote.

lucitebox said...

I read your blog today because I somehow got behind with it. I miss you so much.

Here is one reason why that is so: "By the way, I want to be the guy at Anthro's HQ who names the clothing. Because I'm guessing that person is baked about 85% of the day."

Raina Cox said...

Lolo and Griffo68 - Hugs!

LuciteBox - Double hugs!

Pam Kersting said...

At last we see an exterior elevation! Do you have to put down indoor/outdoor carpet? You could do something fun like paint the concrete in a checkerboard fashion. What's behind that big fence? A tennis court perhaps? Can't wait to see what you do with the yard and outdoor living areas!

Raina Cox said...

Pam - That is a tennis court, two actually. Rather than having individual backyards, all of the houses in our little neighborhood back onto park with a pool and the two tennis courts.

Kate said...

I love your house, its superb!

Designers' Brew said...

Wait, what am I not a fan of? Yoga pants, yoga in general, or yoga pants worn in place of regular pants?

Whatever, those pants look SUPER comfy. Perfect for planes, trains & automobiles.

Miss you!

Raina Cox said...

DB- You once gave some travel fashion advice on your blog and mentioned a preferable substitute for yoga pants.