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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar fashion commentary

Only on Oscar night can a fuchsia sateen dinner napkin
see all of its hopes and dreams come true.

What other dresses stood out?
Join me for "The Good, The Enh, and the What The Hellz?"...


Elegant, age-appropriate, and perfectly accessorized.

Zoe Kravitz, with delectable daddy Lenny, was stunning.

Molly Ringwald is Gen X's Anjelica Huston.

Susan Downey looked AMAZING, Robert notsomuch.

Two ladies I'd turn gay for - Queen Latifah...

... and Mariska Hargitay. Yowza!


Sandra was stunning, but the dress is a bit beige.

Again with the beige. Close-up, Cami looked about 50.

Better than the Golden Globes Zac Posen
tea-length frippery, but still bleh.

"It's prom night and Mom colored my hair!"

One boxy jacket away from Mother of the Bride.

I'm gonna catch hell for this, but I thought
Gabourey Sidibe would do so much better.


Anika Noni Rose, you just bought yourself 7 years bad luck.

It looks like Zoe Saldana's dress slipped down
exposing a sparkly corset.

Charlize Theron, honey, your flowers done wilted.

This photographs like pale pink bubble wrap.


A winner of a dress that makes SJP look simultaneously
stumpy, pregnant, and big-assed.


It would look much better on my 5'9" frame.


sherri said...

Theron & Lopez - WTF were they wearing??? luved your take on this. and yes, that last dress you would totally rock.

Cristin said...

Agree with you all the way. I did like Sandra Bullock's dress though...

ModFruGal said...

I'm with you....the best dressed tonight for me is not a nominee or even an actress...Nicole Richie's dress is sublime.

Karena said...

My # 1 $& 2 picks are Molly and then Mariska!! Beyond gorgeous!!

Art by Karena

holly goes lightly said...

Molly scared me during her John Hughes thing, so that colored my impression of her and does not allow me to see her as a modern A, and kill me, but I love the beige ('tho Cameron did look ancient). Sandra's dress was blah, but she was so glow-y it overcame the blahness of it all.

susieq said...

I thought Sandra Bullock looked stunning. And Nicole Richie's dress is perfection -- so glad to see less skin. I know I'm alone on this, but I really loved Charlize Theron's rosebud bodice. Tina Fey, please call Rachel Zoe or Tay Tay immediately!

Sandy K (Aus) said...

Liked the fact that Cameron has finally, finally put a brush through her hair. Didn't mind the dress but maybe in a different colour.
Loved, loved, loved Nicole Richie - absolutely fabulous.
Didn't mind Vera - looked better on TV than any pics I've seen of it.
Susan Downey - didn't see her on TV but the pics are gorgeous.
Tom Ford gets my vote followed by Colin Firth (dressed by Tom) - as best dressed men
SJP - just wrong. Ditto Charlize who usually gets it right in my book but didn't this time.
Quite liked Maggie Gyllenhall and Demi Moore and Anna Kendrick also.
Thought Helen Mirren looked divine as always.
Liked the colour of Elizabeth Banks dress too.

only a movie said...

Love your commentary, Raina.

hello gorgeous said...

Sigourney Weaver's dress was a definite Red Carpet "Don't." Yuck.

Anita Davis said...

loved Nicole Richie's dress!
too bad for SJP -- that was chanel.
queen latifah looked *amazing*.
love me some lenny! (loved the daughter's dress too.)
i'm with holly go lightly - molly ringwald looked weird on camera; plastic surgery?
i thought sandra bullock looked fantastic.
no mention of meryl? what's your take on her?

arthurndi said...

Too little color this year, so much beige, beige and oh yeah... beige. I think you should cut Gabourey Sidibe some slack though, she chose her dress to honor Hattie McDaniel in vintage inspired blue. The rest of the Precious crew wore blue in her honor as well. Was it the right fashion choice, debatable but her young heart was in the right place. I thought Amanda Seyfried made Miley look like white trash :)

erin@designcrisis said...

I forgot the Oscars were even happening because I live in a black hole, so I obviously didn't watch them. But, judging by your pictures, the dresses were mostly a boring lot.

Worst: J Lo. WTF????????????

Best: Molly Ringwald. Love the dress, accessories, color, her hair, everything. She looks fabulous. And what a transformation! Last time I saw pics of her she looked TERRIBLE.

Raina Cox said...

Anita - I read somewhere that Molly Ringwald was trying not to cry during the John Hughes tribute. That might explain the big round eyes. Streep's dress was elegant and appropriate but nothing to write home about.

Arthurndi - Hello and welcome! Thanks for cluing me into what was going on with all of the blue. I thought Sidibe's Golden Globes dress was far more interesting and fashion forward.

lucitebox said...

Great commentary! We share similar thoughts. (Take a look at my blog.)

While I didn't comment on Ritchie's dress, I agree 100%. It would look great on someone taller. I have to add, though, that I want petite women to let go of their fear of being overwhelmed by clothes. I'm glad she went for it.

Molly's look was my absolute favorite and I loved her jewelry--just perfect!

Marija said...

I concur - forgot how great Susan Downey's dress was! I did think SJPs Chanel was great though the side angle was not flattering. And why was her hair so big and fly away? Bingo on Nicole - what I wouldn't give for that dress...


Robin said...

I liked Meryl's dress, I thought she did a better job for a woman her age than Sigourney did (really? Black ribbon? Is this the prom?). And Meryl's (like her Globes dress) was by Project Runway contestant Chris March. I think it stood up well amidst all the top designer "ruffles to the Nth degree" frou-frou.

LOOOOOOOVED Queen Latifah and also Demi Moore and Penolope Cruz. Would like to know WTF JLo was thinking.

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

If I didn't know you were a recent transplant to colorado (read it) I'd swear you were in my living room last night. My girlfriend and I actually were most smitten with dress and hair on one of the usher girls... too bad she won't make it to press.
Loving you Raina!! xo e

Jill said...

Molly R's was my favorite...which was a big shocker for me.

my favorite and my best said...

i lerved zoe's dress. but you are right about it looking like it slipped down. true dat.
for me and oscar i am a go big or go home kind of dress girl.
but i think we agreed a good bit.

ChrisToronto said...

What? Rihanna wasn't there???

The Zhush said...

Such a great round up, lovin your commentary, the Molly Rigwald one is great! I think I love SJP's dress so much b/c it made her look a bit wide and frumpy...(shame on me...I know!).

amy @ switz~art said...

i am in full agreement, except for ms. mcadams...loved her look. yes, i also thought gabourey could have done so much better and i really found it hard to believe that dress was made by marchesa. disappointing. SJP is wearing on my last nerve...used to love her...but now, not so much. i thought sandra bullock could have done much better, but i read that her step-daughter picked it out and i thought that was super neat-o.

great post, raina!

Bromeliad said...

Pretty much sums it up.

I'd like to see the dinner napkin done as a pillow.