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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Patch NYC introduces candles

John Ross and Don Carney, the multi-talented duo behind Patch NYC, are at it again. Recently West Elm introduced a capsule collection from the pair, and this week Patch NYC released its first candle collection. Created in collaboration with Soap and Paper Factory, the "five distinct scents [are] inspired by the imagery of Don’s artwork" and have a vintage/masculine sensibility.

Clockwise from the middle left:

Owl - sandalwood, tobacco, and vetiver.
Pipe - Vanilla, bourbon, cognac, tobacco, and patchouli.
Fedora - Citrus, vetiver, nutmeg, patchouli.
Whale - Orange, patchouli, basil, and jasmine.
Skull - Black, anise, basil, and citrus.

The candles are available at Patch NYC's website.

[Patch NYC blog]
[Patch NYC goodness post]


The Shiny Pebble said...

Very inovative. But do they smell good? How can we tell via a website. I guess they will be selling it through some other venue as well...?

Robin said...

I am always excited to see vetiver (I am still mad at Thymes Ltd for discontinuing their Vetiver line). But I have a real hard time paying $40 for a candle, even if it is soy, prettily packaged (one of my many other weaknesses) and alleges a 72-hr burn time....

Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} said...

I'm not going be able to handle this one. Wayyyyy tooooo much or by blood

The Zhush said...

The Pipe candle has me completely intrigued....

erin@designcrisis said...

I've never been a candle burner, but I have a zillion candle holders, so maybe I need to do something about that.