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Friday, July 23, 2010

Have a beautiful weekend!

Paul Costello Photography.

Sorry for the late post today, Dumplings. I've been scouring the house (again) for guests. My husband has invited 20 people from work over for a pool party tomorrow afternoon, and I've been busy tidying up.

I sincerely hope you all have a magnificent weekend filled with velvet sofas and leopard pillows. Or something like that.

P.S. Did you know that when you Google "beautiful weekend," a lot of half-naked women pop up in the images? If your weekend plans involve nudity, then rock on with your bad self.


drollgirl said...

scrubbing is for the birds, but it must be done! bleh!

hope yer party is a big hit. i wish i could pick the music for said party. i am pretty sure it would not please anyone but me! ha!

i think the only nudity i will have this weekend will be when i shower or change clothes. may you have better luck. :)

tulpen said...

My weekend plans always include nudity.

Happy Pool Party To You.

Kerry said...

Thank goodness my partner's computer is down at the moment, so no googling can be contemplated, or should that be ogling?
Have a wonderful weekend.

Charlotta Ward said...

I think velvet sofas, leopard print pillows, pool parties mixed with a little tidying up and nudity makes for the perfect weekend. Perhaps not all in one if you have 20 guests in the house.. but hey, who am I to judge! :)

Have a fab party and a relaxing rest of the weekend.

x Charlotta

P.s. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog after Marija's passing. Yes, the world is darker without her but a little lighter with you in it. Appreciate your thoughtfulness. xx

Mrs Woog said...

Was all over Mr Woog like a rottweiller on a 3 year old this morning, so the weekend will now be free of sex nagging. Hurrah!

Robin said...

I am digging the carved wooden chairs, but guessing the homeowners do not have pets. Can you imagine having to vac the cat hair out of all those little tufted button wells in the sofa seat?

In other nudes, I am planning on my weekend involving the naked, but not until after the dinner guests leave.

Katharine Fuchs said...

I'm doing the same! Just got back from vacation and I'm exhausted (how does that always happen) and have guests..but they are fabulous.
LOVE that Photography. He should have a give away and I should win.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Can I come? I promise to remain clothed. On second thought if there's alcohol, I can't keep that promise.

Love those carved chairs. They're almost comical!

I'll be spending the day behaving w/ the inlaws. And probably NOT drinking. Damn.

griffo68 said...

Have a fantabulous party weekend my lovely!
Have a drink or two for me.

Belly said...

Ah, velvet sofa goodness.Good luck with the party!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Raina, when I need a good cheering up, I know that I can come here for it. No, I didn't know that if you Google beautiful weekend, half-naked women are the results. I hope that you had a great weekend. I did.

nkp said...

I hope your feet are currently propped up on some velvet goodness with thoughts of a fabulous weekend dancing in your head! This image is spectacular!

Eliana Tomás said...

lovely corner. i'm so happy velvet is back in our lives, whether interior or fashion.

Domestic Goddess said...

Raina! So... you know I'm a friend of Jenny's, but I have been reading your blog as well for a while now and just love it. You are fabulous, but of course you already knew that. Your blog is lovely, and this particular image has me coming undone. J & I have been searching for inspiration pics for my new casa. This is now on the list. She'll work it in there somehow, I'm sure!

Also: My best friend in the whole world just moved out to Denver a month ago; I'll definitely be visiting soon... we may have to stalk, er, hang out with you. XO

Raina Cox said...

Domestic Goddess - Hey there, Gorgeous! You must be the infamous Mollsballs. You're welcome to hang out at Casa de Cox (giggle) any time you're in Denver.

susieq said...

I hope the party was a huge success! I know they must've loved your park, your pool, your house, and your family. Casa de Cox is the best!!

Domestic Goddess said...

Raina--yes, its ME! MollsBalls aka Domestic Goddess aka Molly. Ok, so I have lots of other names, too, but even I won't go there. I'd LUV to visit casa de Cox (I always dreamed there would be such a place!) when I come out. I should also hook you up with my bestie; she's beyyyyoooonnnndddd...and from what J tells me, so are you! Perf! XO