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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The schmatta business pays well

François Halard.

This week, the Council of Fashion Designers of America released an epic tome featuring the homes of 115 of its members, including CFDA President Diane von Furstenburg, above. Here are a few highlights from the 280 pages (325 illustrations!) of "American Fashion Designers at Home," presented with comment.

Ngoc Minh Ngo.

The Manhattan loft of saccharine designer Betsey Johnson.

In recent years, Johnson has taken out nearly $50 million in loans to expand her business. The notes were recently bought by bad boy shoe designer Steve Madden. If not repaid by August 20, 2012, the King of Knock-off Footwear will own this apartment. HOT GOSS!

Sheila Metzner.

The Holmby Hills house of socialite designer Eva Chow and restaurateur Michael Chow.

The John Chamberlain sculpture flanks furniture by Pierre Chareau, and the chandelier is 18th-century Murano glass. One of Eva Chow's closets was specially designed to hold her Hermès Birkin bags and collection of Vivian Westwood couture.

Martyn Thompson.

The living room of Calvin Klein women's wear designer Francisco Costa.

Tailored, well-done, and not terribly exciting - just like the clothing he designs.

Noe Dewitt.

The Manhattan home of Kate and Andy Spade.

An awkwardly-posed photo of the couple in this apartment was one of your favorite Lamp Shade posts ever. Funsies!

François Halard.

The bedroom of Oscar de la Renta's wife, Annette.

Incorporating a living and dining area, Mrs. de la Renta calls this vast space her "bedsit." Note, no mention of Oscar sleeping here. Additional note, this is why his day dresses start in the low thousands.

Nigel Barker.

The Manhattan living room of faux-WASP Tory Burch.

After persuading her investment banker husband to bankroll her clothing line, Burch divorced him and kept their 9000-square-foot apartment atop the Pierre Hotel. The entrance hall is so large, Burch once commented her sons skateboard in it. My favorite quote ever about her line: "Tory Burch clothing inhabits a privileged, prim, declawed, deodorized look that culturally symbolizes a state of voluntary submission to the males of her tribe. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s who you are."

I pre-ordered my copy of this book ages ago, only to receive an email from Amazon yesterday saying that it wouldn't be shipping for at least 6 weeks. For those of you Dumplings willing to pay full price, it is available at publisher Assouline's website.

[The New York Times T Magazine's The Moment blog]


my favorite and my best said...

you are ordered to bring this book with you when you come in november.

Edith Hope said...

Dear Raina, What delicious gossip! The Oscar de La Renta 'bedsit' for me, if only to look at those glorious cornices. One can never have a cornice which is too big, but they are,sadly, so often mean and small. Size is everything where cornices are concerned, as I am sure you know only too well, dear Raina!!

Empress of The Eye said...

OOOPPPPS. Sorry, I was laughing so loud about the Tory Burch quote that I posted a comment on the wrong entry...but, it is exactly my thought completely about this "designer"?!

A Perfect Gray said...

Raina, a week of excellent posts from you. Obligations have kept me away until today, so I am catching up all at once...thanks especially for the link back to the Spade post. The best EVA!

susieq said...

Oh man, I love this post. Every single morsel more delicious than the bite before! And yes, the Tory Burch quote is killer. I'm ordering this book pronto like!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Most of these, Ms. Burch and Ms Spade's excepted, are quite good to really fabulous.

As for Mr. & Mrs. De La Renta, worry not about how many dresses they sell---she is worth half a billion in her own right...

Cashon&Co said...

i have always loved Tory Burch's house home. isn't it incredible? seriously, this green couch with the le- tigre pillow and the green walls. i LOOOOOOVE this room.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Awesome synopsis! Looks like a must-have, although a copy with your notations in the margins would REALLY be the cat's meow. You should auction off such a thing!

Sketch42 said...

I wish the cover was a little better... but ive been waiting for this book too!

David said...

Betsey Johnson's dining room looks just like the dress she's been designing for years. And Steve Madden, I made that mistake once. My feet hurt just reading his name.

I'm a fan of greens, most greens in fact, except the one in Tory Burch's apartment. It feels really stale to me.

Hamptontoes said...

You are too funny!

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Raina. We need to have a talk. I have work to do, and you keep posting things that are too funny to not read. So I read. And I don't work. Then I don't get paid. If I show up at your doorstep homeless, I expect you to take me in and cook for me. And have cocktails too. Because I'd rather have cocktails than a home.

Raina Cox said...

Julie - My close friends call me "Mamacox," so you just come on over any time and I'll take good care of you.