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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your 3 favorite shelter mags?

If you were told you could only subscribe to three shelter magazines, which ones would they be?

Mine are pictured here, with honorable mentions for House Beautiful and Architectural Digest. I think both will come into their own once the recent editorial shake-ups settle down.


ChrisToronto said...

Raina, I hope you're right about House Beautiful under Newell Turner because so far it's a bit of a bust. said...

Vogue Living (AUS)
Living etc. (UK)
third choice is a toss up between Elle Decor (US) and Belle (AUS)

I do like House Beautiful (US) which I only discovered on a trip to Canada and Alaska last year. But I also like Elle Decoration (UK), House & Garden (UK) and Homes & GArdens (UK).

House & Garden (South Africa) is a recent discovery of mine in the past 18 months. It's interesting to see other perspectives. I've never seen Elle Decor (South Africa), but would love to.

One that I've been giving a go recently is House & Garden (NZ), but really not a fan. I'd love to hear what you think Raina.

I can't just pick three!

I must say, our Aussie mags are generally pretty good though.

Sandy K

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Tough call...I need a little variety, so I'd say:
1) House and Home
2) Elle Decor
3) Casa Vogue (Brazil)

The Ancient said...

1) The World of Interiors
2) Back copies of The World of Interiors
3) Guns and Ammo

(Because a shelter has to work or it's no shelter at all.)

Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...

Hmmm I never once seen World of Interiors, in print or on a shelf. Now I'm real curious though!

The Down East Dilettante said...

LOL, Ancient beat me to the back copies joke..

But yeah, WOI ( I have every copy since I first discovered it at the one newstand in all of the Palm Beaches that carried it, back in '83--two copies a month. I would make daily pilgrimages to make sure I wouldn't miss a copy---the Cuban woman who worked there eyed me verrrry suspiciously---a man so obsessed with getting a decorating magazine...but hey, it truly changed the way I looked at things--blew those Chippendale/early American cobwebs of my youth right out of the corners. Still does.

oh, wait, you asked for a list, not a reminisce:

1.) World of Interiors
2.) Elle Decor
3.) The others are all such runners up--it's hard to choose---I agree that AD and HB are looking up, I like English House and Garden surprisingly much (the pressure from WOI has been good for them), and the French twins, Cotes Ouest and Sud, Vogue Living Australia...and. Pick one and surprise me.

susieq said...

Okay, I just want to fly wherever Down East Dilettante is located, plop myself down, and slowly flip page and page of those WOI back issues.

eileen said...

1. Vogue Living (AUS)
2. Living Etc (UK)
3. Elle Decor

But I am an addict and I buy everything!

Raina Cox said...

ChrisToronto - I know what you're saying. I'm hoping Turner is just clearing out the old Drucker projects.

Ampersand Design - Sandy, here is the link to Elle Decoration South Africa's blog:

They used to post pages form current issues but stopped about a year ago.

NZ's House & Garden was about the only decent Kiwi shelter mag I read when I lived there. Urbis was too focused on architecture. And I agree that you Aussies have some really fantastic decor magazines. I just wish Belle had a website.

MyLittleHappyPlace - Casa Vogue Brasil?!? I'm going to hunt that one down.

The Ancient - Gold Star Comment of the Day. And welcome!

Naomi - WOI is out of the UK and it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

TDED - I love the Cotes, too, and they have such a great website.

David said...

Elle Decor is the only magazine I've read with any regularity over the years. I really should branch out.

We have a local mag that I like too, Spaces.

I like Ready Made too. Not really a shelter magazine, but definitely related.

Rebecca said...

Living Etc.
Elle Decor(ation) (UK)
Martha Stewart Living

I used to hoard those British mags like it was my job, but oddly I was not on their payroll.

Topaz said...

With no apologies:

Veranda and House Beautiful

I would like Elle Decor more if it wasn't so in love with itself.

Edith Hope said...

Dear Raina, First it is only through you that I have come to know what a 'shelter' magazine is. Previously, 'shelter' was only known to me as an organisation concerned with the homeless.

Interior decoration magazines which I take in are : World of Interiors - excellent for both interest, high quality photography and good editorial, Wallpaper - for its quirky style and design focus and House and Garden - for garden interest as well as beautiful houses.

Casa Bella said...

Hmm..Elle Decor and any European decor magazine I can get my hands on. For some reason, the quality of their printing tends to be so much better that most US mags.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hm, 1) Elle Decor, 2) Vogue Living (Aus) and the third, undecided as yet, maybe 3) Living Etc, but more likely something French, as I can't live without my French design injection.

Needless to say, I would subscribe to a whole bundle, Hell, I'd finance a little mom 'n pop kiosk operation in my driveway if the foreign pub subs weren't so pricey to ship!

As you suggest, it'll be interesting to see what direction the shelters go in now that all these editors have switched hats.

Camilla @ Designalogue said...

Vogue Living -Aus
Belle -Aus
& Inside Out -Aus

Sticking with my Aussie roots!
I would've used to include Living Etc, but i think the economic issues of the world hit that mag hard & its not doing it for me nowadays.

my favorite and my best said...

i can't make that choice. 3?!?!?!? really???
if i HAD to choose....this is like sophie's choice!!!
ok...elle decor. house beautiful. and vogue living AU. or canadian house and home. shit!!! see?? AD spain is better than WOI to me but i love WOI ever so much tooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Raina Cox said...

Casa Bella - Hello to you and welcome to this deliciousness!

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

my faveys (it's a simple list!) are:
House Beautiful
Elle Decor
Country Living---(technically not a shelter mag, but I do love their interior features!)
I'm trying to warm up to Architectural Digest but it's taking a I alone in that?

Raina Cox said...

Mary @ RoomPolish - No, you're not alone in the least. I have my fingers (and my toes) crossed for a total transformation of AD under Margaret Russell.

Alexis L., The Studioist said...

I don't read too many actual shelter mags, something I need to change. I consistently enjoy Living, Etc. Elle Decor is pretty (but somewhat predictable). I struggle to name a third...

Cashon&Co said...

my vote: Elle DEcor.
it is glamour and there's enough variety to make everyone happy.
that's my never-to-be-humble opinion xoxoox

david john said...

World of Interiors please.
and maybe some old Nest Magazines.
and Vintage AD.........