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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dubya dubya dubya

My blog husband, The Down East Dilettante, shot me a note suggesting a follow-up to "Your 3 Favorite Shelter Mags?" post. He wants to know which is everyone's least favorite.

Of course, about 20 possibilities shot through my head. And as I started surfing the various titles, I got to thinking about shelter magazine website quality. I don't have to tell you it varies from porn-arific to putrid. Elle Decor is the Mack Daddy with frequent content updates, features from the current issue, a hella-easy-to-navigate inspiration gallery, and brilliant new product links. Deep tongue kisses and an ass grope to their web team.

House Beautiful would be my runner-up. While they do freshen content fairly frequently, they are slow to include articles from the current issue. Overall, the site's look is a little down-market given the high-end homes and advertisers featured. It almost strays into Better Homes & Gardens territory. Raina, say it isn't so!

It looks like Architectural Digest's new editor Margaret Russell is giving the magazine's website an overhaul. Current content is now featured, and most of the homeowners in the new issue are under age 60. Add a photo gallery and we'll be in business. I have high hopes for this one.

The state of Veranda's website does my head in. Maybe with the passing of Southern Accents (RIP), the staff feels there is little competition. Content is refreshed about once a month, current articles are nowhere to be found, and 25% of the front page is links to other Hearst publications. Veranda has a new young editor who should know better than to ignore her magazine's web potential. No butt squeezes for you, Miz V.

Vogue Living Australia has broken my heart. With VLA's revamp two issues ago, the title's website was decimated. Tossed were the new issue sneak peeks and the past issues catalog. All you see now is the cover and three lousy pages on a continuous loop. I adore the editor, David Clark, and beg him to restore the website to its former glory.

The World of Interiors. What can I say? One of the world's best interiors magazines with the world's worst website. It's basically a conduit to subscription sales. Step it up, TWOI.

So, Dumplings, what shelter magazine websites leave you HONGRAY for more? And which is your least favorite interiors title ever? Mine is Dwell. I can't tell one issue from the next, and I'm convinced it's the same house re-styled over and over.


Reggie Darling said...

Reggie agrees on all counts. He is astonished at what a hack job WOI's website is. The last time he checked it he spent about twenty minutes trying to click through the subscription pages and into content, and found that there was . . . none.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


"Deep tongue kisses and an ass grope to their web team." -- thanks for the visual.

Marie Claire Maison gets on my nerves. Lots of fancy French fluff and chic turn of phrase, but little new content and very annoying to navigate.

Meanwhile, a couple of the Spanish mags are quite user-friendly and generous with their images.

I agree, House Beautiful's page should kick it up.

court. said...

oh dwell: soooo true. I was reading while in line at CVS yesterday. I'd never shell out the $5 somethin bucks for this crap. oh look, another concrete box.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Don't agree with the HB & BH&G comparisons, yet. The latest HB just came in the mail yesterday. Plan to read it later today...we'll see. I sincerely hope you are wrong.

As for the rest...yep agree!

btw, just saw your comment at rd...dying laughing!

susieq said...

My favorite is the ED website. Content is stellar. My only issue is with the coding/backend. I wish that when you're in slideshow view, the entire page wouldn't rebuild. Should be an embedded bit of java or flash or something... so that images move from one to the other without the background popping and rebuilding. Makes my eyes cross and my brain jingle.

And, yes, WOI is non existent and Veranda is lame. I think all paper/ink mags should study the Lonny website. It's the way we want our design porn: Well organized, large images, well coded, easy to use.

The Zhush said...

Elle has ruined me for all others...and the Lonny lay out, all that back lighting on my giant Mac Daddy Mac...sometimes I wonder if between the two of these, I may stop going paper all together! (gasp!)

The Down East Dilettante said...

But I thought Verandah was the magazine that featured the same house re-styled over and over?

And WOI's website brings tears to my eyes it's so frustrating...

Least favorite shelter magazine? Any containing the word 'cottage' in the title

Bromeliad said...

Living Etc. lets you see the whole issue online (wee sized), which is good since I am not forking over for an international subscription.