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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mr. Decorator Von Cutiepants

1st bids just posted a superfab interview with David Netto, the man who gave the world this bedroom:

Christ, it still makes my bits twitch.

In the online article, I learned some random awesomeness about Netto. Like his father owned Cowtan & Tout during its heyday in the Reagan-Chintz-Buatta madness known as the 1980s.

Netto is returning to his childhood influences and embracing the bombastic aesthetics of Jacques Grange, Peter Marino, and Thierry Despont. (Does this mean his Domino-boho look has been retired? *sniff*)

He spent a year working for design doyenne Bunny Williams. The most valuable thing he learned? The importance of a furniture plan in the design process.

Netto gives up two of his favorite L.A. sources - Nathan Turner for glorious fabrics and JF Chen for global furnishings.

He plans with the scale of patterns and the texture of finishes to bring a youthfulness to traditional designs.

After divorcing actress Ione Skye, Netto reconnected with and married his childhood sweetheart. Awww! We shan't dwell on how much Wife #2 resembles Wife #1.

When designing his nursery furnishings line Netto Collection, he relies on the advice of his 8-year-old daughter, Kate. She lets him know "if something isn't gutsy and good enough."

Netto says the secret to his success is remaining fearless: "Fearless of loss, fearless of change, fearless of doubling down if you have a hunch something is one of the better ideas you will ever have."


ktgirl said...

Holy sheet with wife #2. I didn't know there were two people in the world with Ione Sky's mouth.

Appletree said...

Cutiepants is right. Can he be for real? A hot straight talented decorator?

Raina Cox said...

Appletree - I know! He's like the unicorn of the design world. Fabled and hoped by legions to exist.

my favorite and my best said...

i love him, yes..and i would sex him up for sure...but i don't think he shines as a designer the way he did before...not like he did with the modern boho vibe..
and i just don't get that green satin tablecloth on the foyer table at. all.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Holy 1st dibs hotness! Netto is indeed a doll.
Am I wrong to sort of still love him with Ione though?
They were so haute boho.

Karena said...

Oh yes Raina,I am in love for sure!! His background is so interesting!

Art by Karena

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Good grief, I thought that WAS Ione Skye! Bizarr-O

nkp said...

Unicorns. Ha. Well said, girlfriend, well said. I clicked through to this as soon as I saw my 1st Dibs email yesterday. Good stuff. I think he's super duper talented, but must concur with J-nut on the green clothed table. WTF? But you know, men are afterall only boys in larger, albeit hairier bodies. It's probably just a phase.

susieq said...

Raina, your comment above is hilarious. Totally agree with Jenny and Nelya. And wowza is he a cutiepie.

Elizabeth said...

An 8 year-old using the word gutsy? I could probably use some of her advice..

erin@designcrisis said...

The old money look is definitely back. Too bad he completely ditched his old aesthetic and couldn't manage to mix things up a bit.

Rebecca (Reluctant Floridian) said...

I am still crazy for that bedroom. I grew up with a chocolate brown donut phone and long for a land line so I can bring it back!

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

nom nom nom inspiration nom nom nom.

Raina Cox said...

Elizabeth - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!