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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Hanukkah list

Mythic Fanflower pillow from Anthropologie, $88.00.

It's that time of year again, when I graciously offer loving assistance to my gift idea-impaired husband. Darling, should you need inspiration for my Hanukkah gifts, please refer to this thoughtfully compiled list. As always, I only ever have your best interests at heart.

Liberty of London Mac laptop case, £79.95.

A subscription to The World of Interiors, $108.35.

Woven pet basket by Heather Dalrymple, $67.50.

Star Parakeet tapestry, $38.00.

Gio de Giorgio Armani perfume (not the Acqua crap), $89.00.

Drumming Up side table from Wisteria, $449.00.

Cocky2 raspberry velvet throw pillow from Bonnie and Neil.
Do any of my Aussie Dumplings know the price?


nkp said...

It's all so fabulous. Laptop case and velvet pillow may end up on my Hanukkah wish list as well. You won't mind if we're twinsies, will you? :0)

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

You're so great -- fo reel tho.

Nothing like pointing these clueless mensches in the right direction, and I'm loving the boho decadence you crave.

Alas, though I've hoped the creation of Nero may be a useful tool in steering the Pharoah towards the stuff I dig, he's still hopelessly on another wavelength.

Oy, but a gal can dream though, right?
Surely LB is well skooled by now and will at the very least snag you the Gio, laptop case and perhaps a fab pillow or tapestry.

BTW, I'm jonesing for a little Casa Lampshade action. Your lusty living room left me wanting more. Do share as the holiday season drags on.


Sharon @ Real Estate Resuscitation said...

Good list!

David said...

Would the basket technically be a gift for the cat? I say add something else to the list just to be safe. Also, coveting the drum table.

Savvy Gab said...

Funny I was just reading an article about Bonnie & Neil in Home Beautiful. They were featuring a slightly different cushion but it was $125 AUD so I would guess yours would be around that price.

Beautiful list!! Hope Santa brings you all you wished for :) X

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Do I sense a fellow parrot lover? My favorite pet ever was a lovebird, and since then, I've been smitten with the plumed creatures - LOVE the pillow!

Edith Hope said...

Dear Raina, Oh yes, a subscription to The World of Interiors. I have subscribed for years and am fairly horrified how expensive it is for you. Still, worth every penny [or dollar!!]

my favorite and my best said...

holy shit does that mean i spend MORE than 108.35 a year on WOI when i buy each individual mag in the store?!?! what about the living etc.'s, the AD espana's and the elle decor italia's that i buy? every issue!!
i am like carrie bradshaw when she realized she didn't have any money saved up bc she bought shoes. she was the little old lady who lived in her shoes? remember?
i am the little old lady who lives in her magazines!!

sweet god help me.

Raina Cox said...

Savvy Gab - Thanks for the info! That's about what I thought the price would be.

Cashon&Co said...

you pick good stuff girl!!! I hope you get at least one, you deserve them all!

Teri said...

I think I shall still this for my hubby as my Christmas list.

You should copyright your list.

quintessence said...

Loving that pillow from Anthropologie - and if you're wondering what happens when you don't give the man a list, check out my Venus and Mars post.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Love the Anthro pillow and would also quite enjoy the magazine subscription. Wouldn't mind any of it actually- thanks for adding to my already very long list:)

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I like several things here, but I am really hoping you get the drum table. If for some reason you don't like it, I'll send you a postage paid me!!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Great picks, Raina!

Copyboy said...

Am I wrong or do you have more than 8 nights? Haha. BTW...made you blog of the day. :)

Ann said...

What a wonderful list... may you get them all...

you deserve it right?

Love visiting your blog.

Raina Cox said...

quintessence - That's classic.

Copyboy and Ann - Hello to both of you and welcome to this deliciousness!