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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The new year holds such promise

2011 isn't as sexy as 2010. It doesn't roll off the tongue easily and it presents issues for makers of novelty glasses. It's the 365 day run-up to the end of life as we know it.

But don't despair, Dumplings! 2011 also holds promise. I'm personally looking forward to my daughter turning four, the debut of the cinematic masterpiece "Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son," and the release of Grace Bonney's 400-page-plus decorating tome Design*Sponge at Home.

(This may or may not be the cover.)

Imagine! Over FOUR HUNDRED PAGES of do-it-yourself splendor. From Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney, the decorating pixie herself:

We have 50 DIY projects in the book that range from hanging shelves made from found wine crates and do-it-yourself upholstered headboards to colorful handmade bird feeders, and modern tiki torches for the backyard. We'll also have 50 reader-submitted makeover projects with price points and how-to tips, ranging from furniture to full home makeovers. There's also a massive resource section in the book for all our favorite, and trusted, online shopping sources.

You know what this means, Dumplings? We FINALLY get to see the full reveals of the "Sneak Peeks"! The semi-regular interior glimpses of twee-riffic Brooklyn apartments and early 20th-century houses in slightly sketchy neighborhoods will be unfurled in all of their DIY thrift store Orla Kiely glory!!!


Crocheted rocks for everyone!


Appletree said...


sarah, flourish design + style said...

ha ha hahahaha ha. x

chanda said...

raina, i love you!

nkp said...

Hey, just look at it as 365 days of blog fodder. ;0)

Modern Country Lady said...

Hahaha you are mean!!

Raina Cox said...

MCL - "Mean" is foisting crocheted rocks on the world. That shows a complete disregard for the aesthetic comfort of your fellow human beings.


Raina Cox said...

chanda - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!

Eliana Tomás said...

love this post. happiness in every word :) the attitude i wish for 2011.

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Oh this will be fun!

Happy Holidays R!! xoxoxoxo

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

woman. email me your address pronto.

Raina Cox said...

Julie - Done.

*eyebrow arches*

Alexis L., The Studioist said...

1. Julie: Back off. Raina's taken.
2. This post should have about a billion comments. Some of the realest ish you ever wrote.