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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday stressors

Yesterday, I learned JCPenney will be discontinuing their catalog. Dumplings, I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. Not that I've bought anything from them in years. (Hmmm... I bet that's somehow connected.) The catalog, bigger than our local phone book, used to arrive at our house seasonally, and it was a fight as to who would peruse it first. My brother and I would wanted the toy pages, and my mother who is six feet was dying to see the latest tall fashions. I haven't told Mom yet - she'll be devastated. She still buys clothing through their catalog, though her most recent purchase took nearly five weeks to get to her. (Hmmm... I bet that's somehow connected.)

I want to know why stripper shoes went high fashion. Is anyone else disturbed by this footwear trend? Luckily, at 5'9" I have no need for that heel height. But even if I was barely breaking Beiber size, I would still be horrified by this shoe (Yves St. Laurent and $760, BTW).

And speaking of fashion statements, I have a stress test today during which I'm not allowed to wear a bra. My cardiologist seems to think I have a benign arrhythmia and my recent episodes could be the result of peri-menopausal hormone fluctuations (um, thanks Doc for telling me youth is in my rearview mirror). He wants a couple of tests just to make sure. So what this means is my heart is fine but marches to its own beat. Which I'm sure won't surprise any of my regular blog readers.

Sweaty floppy boobies,



The mad woman behind the blog said...

I am too sad about the catalog. I was just reading about what children born in 2011 will never know: hard copy catalogs. Makes me a little sad.

Don't get me started on stripper shoes. I'm quite conflicted.

And I do hope your testing goes well, will the least amount of floppage.

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Best of luck with your test... if you can't wear your bra, you might ask the Doc if you can wear some stripper heels to balance it all out.

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

The shoes...ugh. I've been looking for a nice pair of wedding shoes. I want a heel, but one that's bigger than a kitten heel and smaller than the platformed, monsters that are all over the stores right now. It's so frustrating. Even designers I used to think were "classic" are showing platforms with 4 inch heels. Poop.

Sorry about your bewbies. I hope the stress test goes okay!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


Always a silver lining, Raina, always ;)

Ah JC Penney, at least it's just the catalog that's going. Sadly, the perma-press, perennially creased Dockers, long a staple of the American male workforce nationwide, are likely still available in stores.

As for the hooker footwear trend, you'd be even more horrified at my leopard-print knock-off pair of those YSL shoes -- admittedly, and blessedly, they have rarely seen the light of day!

As for the stress test, I totally feel your trepidation and angst at the thought of going braless. Especially in light of the fact that your physician, while likely foreign, is probably not French and dashing.

But fret not, as your heart -- and two other tremulous appendages -- go flippety-flop against your chest, you can rest assured that apart from an obviously free-spirit and a case of saggy boob syndrome (and in that you are not alone, trust me), all is basically well in the heart of Raina.

And that my friend is quite a relief.
Now you have to focus on apparel befitting to the odd hot flash ;)

Good luck with it, Alcira

Robin said...

The JCP catalog and the Sears Christmas Wish Book were the bane of the mailman and the joy of our little childhood hearts. The toys! The toys!

Does your doctor not realize that the not wearing of the bra will induce additional stress (or is that just me?)? Hope all goes well with the test.

Alleviate some of the stress with a good chuckle, courtesy of Johnny Virgil and this step back in time to the 1977 JCP catalog. There are 3 installments in all, links to the other two can be found in the right hand column of his blog.

erin@designcrisis said...

So glad to hear that your heart is a-ok!!! But boy do I feel you on the hormones... the night sweats have started in earnest and I'm only 34. Ugh.

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

oh yes, sister of the mid seventies, i too took said catalog to my bedroom for the toy porn, sharpie in hand.

i LOVE the shoes and want to wear them everywhere.

hormones are no joke. have a glass of red wine every night.

Gloria Graham, AKBD said...

LOVE the alliteration "barely breaking Beiber". It was not lost on me. Good luck with the test.

AppleTree said...

I have fond memories of sitting around my Grandma's dining table looking at the catalogs with my mom and her sisters.

I do think it cruel to have to do a stress test braless. Bring a sports bra with no wires or other metal and beg to wear it.

The shoes I think are hot, but those tiny little stilletos don't work with my boobs. I look too top heavy.

You are in my thoughts.

AppleTree said...

I have fond memories of sitting around my Grandma's table with her and my mom and her sisters looking at the catalogs.

The shoes look like a suicide mission for my ankles

Thinking of your heart today. Be well. Bring a sports bra with no wires or metal on it and ask to wear it.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Bra-free stress test? Like, did you have to actually run? Test designer is a pervey.

I hit in right under the 5'2" mark - I need all that porn shoes can offer, but sadly, I've yet to purchase...

...and finally, I really, truly feel sad about the demise of the JCP catalog. My husband and I were just talking the other day about how fun it was to ooh and awe over the toy section. Damn, I feel old.

Raina Cox said...

Robin - Oh. That was magnificent.

Gloria Graham - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!

MLHP - YES, I did run. Since the goal was to raise my heart rate as fast as possible, I was more worried about falling off the treadmill than what my boobs were doing. They were doing ultrasounds of my heart throughout the test, and a bra would have been too hard to work around. At least that's what I was told. They saw nothing abnormal on the test which is good.

dwr said...

That's good news, Raina.

I remember those huge huge catalogs of Montgomery Ward and Sears too. Death to my sister if she had the big red magic marker to circle toys in. "No, YOU'RE green."

The writer of Robin's link is a male Raina---I'm gonna have to start reading him.

The Zhush said...

One side of my brain thinks "absolute stripper influenced footwear, pornification of society, and I will kill myself in those" the other half thinks "will my legs look thinner, my but look higher, those are HOT!" and so it goes with about 90% of the stuff I look at on a daily basis. Hope you didn't stress your stress test too much, and that your echocardiogram, while unique to you, looks super healthy!

susie q said...

Growing up, Sears was my catalog. My 3rd grade best friend used to memorize entire pages of it. She'd refer to various items by page number.

I'm so glad your heart is ok! And I love the drum you march to!