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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dealio of the day

Mirrored Rajasthani torans, $19.99 each.
14" high x 36" long, choice of three colors.


Karena said...

These are gorgeous Raina, I love the yellow/gold toran.

Art by Karena

Daydreamer said...

oh, I love these...i think they would be beautiful as trim on a bedskirt! I admit I had to look up what a 'Toran' is.
found you through MFAMB and love your blog!

Raina Cox said...

Daydreamer - Hello and welcome to this deliciousness!

Modern Country Lady said...

Gorgeous! I want one for my birthday ( today ) :-))))

Raina Cox said...

MCL - Hope you're having a spectacular birthday!!

Modern Country Lady said...

I will , once I have my torans AND my two much desired garden-obelisks, hahaha!!
( link is here :


Thanks for the lovely Birthday wishes!!

meenal@maison marigold said...

love the blue..pretty unusual for a toran which traditionally has vibrant the label for this post... sales indeed do the wallet a world of good!! have a lovely weekend, raina..xx meenal

Ashley Sloan said...

Wow I am loving these...and very unique :)

Ashley Sloan

hush said...

I snatched up a gold one for myself - thank you!!