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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Million Dollar Decorators recap

It's the penultimate episode of Million Dollar Decorators.
Check out my recap at Curbed National!


The Fine Life said...

Another fantastic recap! Is it sad that I am disappointed that this series is so short? It would please your readers if you just kept the story going, even without the show. My suggestion: Raina's own "Watch What Happens... Next!" Let your imagination run wild, and give us a weekly update about what these nut bags are up to. It could be... um, delicious. (Heaven knows, we'll probably pick back up right where they left off if this series is renewed.) Just give us the heads-up for the drinking game!

Sharon Brown said...

To be added to my favorite Raina phrases: "a Birkin bag the size of Rwanda"

Sharon Brown said...

And are we supposed to believe MM flew from LA to NC wearing her jeans, brown shirt, boots and belt, slept in the Comfort Inn and then wore the same outfit the next day? My eye for detail spies another oddity.

Raina Cox said...

The Fine Life - *snort*

Sharon Brown - There is no way MM stayed in that motel. None.