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Friday, March 9, 2012

Bunny Mellon's WASPy Caribbean dreamland hits the market

OG patrician stalwart Rachel "Bunny" Mellon is selling her Antiguan hideaway for US$14.5 million. Listed for the first time since being built in the early 1950s, the 27-acre estate sits in the members-only resort of Mill Reef Club and overlooks Half Moon Bay. Oriented to capture the tropical trade winds, the main house features two master suites (uh huh), library, wine cellar, pool, several terraces and an orchid nursery. Mizrus Mellon, a horticulturist of myth and legend, was invited by Jackie Kennedy to redesign the White House rose garden.

The bedrooms are such a sublime combination of British Colonial architecture, French-ified furnishings and WASP repressed politesse that I nearly passed out during the listing slideshow. It's been a good couple of weeks for insane Caribbean real estate.

Mellon Estate [JHR Caribbean Real Estate]
Mellon Estate in Antigua Goes on the Market for $14.5 Million [The Wall St Journal]


Debi Altbergs said...

oh yeah - I could see that making a nice little get away. Some of those floors are pretty cool!

David said...

I like the floors as well. Everything else...meh.

kates said...

I agree with David. Floors are nice, everything else a big bore.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Mrs. Mellon's taste is so rarified, spare and refined as to exist in a different stratosphere from we mere mortals. Love it or hate it, she's the ultimate example of the breed. (And one of the permanent photos in my clip file is one of her greenhouse in Virginia...washed ochre walls, perfect silvery topiaries, rough brick floor...

Apparently there's either some big time estate planning going on here, or else her money manager stole even a bigger chunk than people thought.

(Her late first husband used to hada house up here. One would encounter him on the Rockefeller carriage roads, in full fig driving his carriage. It's a different world, old WASP recreation..

Raina Cox said...

Dilly - I think you're very correct in your estate planning hypothesis (or the alternate). Her Cape Cod compound was hoisted onto the market in January:

Lee Ann said...

I love the idea of being wealthy enough to simply not care.

Trends, fashion, taste, irrelevant.

Location: perfection

View: perfection

Layout: perfection

Everything else? Stranded in time.

What a vacation should be.

Spare me style.