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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don Draper's new apartment

In a recent New York Times interview, "Mad Men"'s set designer Dan Bishop shared his thoughts on the new home he created for Mr. and Mrs. Don Draper. The nest for the newly married lovebirds is described as "a big, open-plan space, rich with texture (walnut veneers, grasscloth wallpaper) and defined by a sunken living room whose white carpet suggests an impractical streak that spells trouble for the Drapers’ marriage."

The living room features a dropped Saarinen-esque conversation area with an imposing black leather chair and footstool holding center stage. (No underlying subtext there.) In the article's accompanying photos, we see our first clear shot of the kitchen in all its cork-floored glory. This is a big one by New York City standards - Megan is going to domesticate Don exclamation point.

Bishop drew "inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright interiors, as well as the white-glazed brick, postwar apartment buildings that line the Upper East Side. He is especially pleased, he said, about the set’s custom-made built-in furniture. 'In my world,' he said, 'that’s the stuff that gets cut for money reasons.'"

Photos by Michael Yarish/AMC

Don Draper on the White Carpet [The New York Times]


Sarah said...

Dan Bishop is a Production Designer, in TV and film a Set Designer is the person who drafts the plans. The Production Designer tells her what to draw, and is in charge of the overall look of the show. The Set Decorator chooses the furniture and accessories (like that lampshade you wrote about), but Dan would have to approve everything.

David said...

It doesn't matter where or what, sink the living room and I'm a fan.

maison21 said...

i had that coffee table for a while.

Lausi said...

Oooooh.... interesting!

Love you, Raina, for posting this. with my obsession with everything Mad Men, I will take a good long look at every detail here.

Especially the kitchen!

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

i love the comment about the white carpet. growing up my parents had white carpet and... yep, it spelled trouble...