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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A fake home office and fighting the hot

 Michal Czerwonka for The Wall Street Journal.

JAM's "home office" (for the purpose of a WSJ article).

Our favorite narcissist decorator Jeffrey Alan "NO FATTIES!" Marks landed himself a sweet little write-up in The Wall Street Journal today. JAM is flapping his lips about home offices and offers up his "own" as an example. What he really did is rearrange some furniture in the alcove of his bedroom to resemble an office. It looks more like the Etsy-shopping/Pinterest-browsing/recipe-organizing corner of well-to-do housewife's home. Actually, those might be nearly overlapping circles in the Venn diagram of Jeffrey's life.

 JAM's "office" daybed (top) and a previously published photo of his bedroom.

So what bon mots does he have to share? Well, JAM believes in "the accidental home office," a space that should be "pretty" and devoid of most anything that would indicate work being done. Avoid using ergonomic chairs (he prefers barrel backs on casters) and filing cabinets and restrict all paraphernalia to a single desk drawer. A "dream board" is most important to JAM - it's "a surface where he artfully pins items he's working on, notes on things he would like to do, photos or articles on restaurants and countries he would like to visit or fashion items that intrigue him."

Cocooned in the room's "pigeon"-colored walls, JAM "treats his hours there as 'time away from the brutal environment of [his professional] office, with its many distractions,' and it's where he does most of his creative work." Poor JAM, it must be some sort of fresh hell at his real office judging by the recent photo included in the WSJ piece...

 WSJ photo (L) and Bravo publicity still from last year (R).

Working in Style: The Accidental Home Office [The Wall Street Journal]


David said...

I don't know a lot about home offices, but I have gay men down in spades. Jeffrey needs to be careful. Theres a point where you decide either to age gracefully, or go overboard on surgery and clothes that are too young for you. It appears that Jeffrey's is there. For Ross's sake I hope he chooses the former.

Gabrielle Savoie said...

Hilarious! Glad to have you back among us Raina.

Marzz said...

What happened to Ross the boy-toy who as it turns out, is the brains of the operation?

"Etsy-shopping/Pinterest-browsing/recipe-organizing corner of well-to-do housewife's home"...ha! You have a way with words!

I'm so glad you're back to blogging!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


Thank goodness I've managed to avoid the recipe lists, Pining and for the most part, Etsy.
But I'm sure it won't be long now ;)
Cheers, Alcira

Raina Cox said...

Gabrielle - Thanks ever so much!

Marzz - I don't know where Ross (cue Willow Smith song) is. I always figured the built-in daybed was where he slept most nights after JAM kicked him out for snoring.

Margaret said...

Is a "dream board" like the "Soul Train Scramble Board?" If it is, put on some "Willow" and I can saw-olve this jumbled decor!

Annie Smith said...

He looks a bit too old for the skull & crossbones motif..

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Did someone say skull and crossbones?!
Ah, now I see it -- the Ralph Lauren folding screen backdrop.

Interior Design Musings said...

Been so missin' me some Raina point of view! And totally needed this today - crazy day for me. M.